Building two-player fightstick


Hi! I have a dumb question!! I would like to build a two-player fightstick/coffee table, and my dumb question is: do I need two pcb’s or just one pcb? If so, then which one? (I general play on PS3)


you would need two PCBs for PS3 play. For PC play there are several all-one-solutions, heck there are PCBs that can handle four players (4 directional inputs and 4-6 total buttons per player). However, I believe that steam games require discreet joysticks, not sure if there is a way around that. For your purposes though, you would need two.


Thank you so much for your help!! Any recommendations for PCB?


If you only want ps3 support, there are lots of inexpensive options, with the zero delay ps3/ps2/pc encoder being the cheapest and easiest I’m aware of.


You could use a pair of Morpheus PCBs. Use the RX with the PS3 wired firmware and voila! Alternatively, you could do it as a completely wireless solution as well.


Wireless op especially so you can take your coffee table to tourneys