Building vs. Buying: New to the Stick


I just decided thats it’s time to get a arcade stick. This pad player has to move up sometime. I know I’m good with american style, but I can’t seem to find any to buy so my question is this: Does anyone have any suggestions on where to buy an american style stick? Or should I make my own? Is making a stick all that difficult?


Making your own stick is actually pretty fun but it will cost you just as much if not more than a retail stick. Depending on what you put inside the stick for console use…buttons…stick…paint…artwork…wire… tools… it adds up pretty fast.
Madcatz is brewing something up for those interested in diffrent button style’s I wouldnt be suprised to find them making a straight layout like american cabs have it. There are also other alternatives like getting one of art hong’s plexi replacement tops to get that disiered effect. But as far as having american parts like a Happ stick and buttons most sticks retail and custom dont have the clearance to properly use them. you will have to custom make a box or have a builder custom make the case to use those specific parts. If your not too keen on modding and you arent up to spending quite a bit of money for materials and tools needed I would suggest getting a retail stick like the Madcatz TE or Hori VX SA. you cant go wrong with those two and they are just as easy to do light mods to fit your style of play.


I agree with Blind on this one. Making a stick is not difficult, it is the work and clean you want to make it is the part that takes the most time IMO.

Does anyone have any suggestions on where to buy an american style stick?

i am pretty sure either focus-attack or lizard lick should have some american stick parts. or atleast happ parts. if you make your own, you can make it so that it can be used on ps3, 360, pc, etc. not saying you cannot mod a TE or hori stick to do the same.

Is making a stick all that difficult?

All in all, it comes down to how much free time you have. If you have the time, i would suggest build one. All it takes is some patience, research, and all of us here can answer ur questions. Or if not, get a TE stick or something and you can mod it later to your liking. I will say, it takes getting use to using a stick. I am on week 2-4 i think. it is like learning how to type all over again.
My thumbs react on reflex but my fingers are sooooo slow, and precision using the stick takes some time. But be patient and hang in there.

I will end with this. If you make your own stick. it is your unique stick. your art, your hard work, your build. your accomplishment. Same for modding a stick you buy. Lets be real, atleast a high % of ppl mod their bought sticks with buttons, art, console compatibility or something…-shrugs-


arcade in a box sells fully customized stick so you can choose competition stick + american layout + buttons, etc

Arcade-In-A-Box, LLC


That seems more expensive then making your own!


Aheh. Heh. Yeah, that’s what I said before I drilled holes in a piece of shit lap desk and slapped some Happ parts in there. It had the general feel, but not the polish that you’re going to want long term.

You have to consider what Blind and Mufasa said and answer the following question that’s been discussed in other threads on this question. Do you want to spend your time building, honing those skills? Or do you want to spend your time playing fighting games? Not saying you can’t do both, but the pretty broad consensus is that your first attempt will be lackluster. Your second attempt will be better, but still not good enough. It’s a great hobby that develops several crafting skills at once, but if you’re worried about the money that a place like AIAB charges, making a stick might not be the path for you. Between all the tools, materials and paint I’ve bought, not even considering planning and time invested in the process, by the time I got to having my third stick that I was super-happy with, I was easily past the financial point of getting one of B15’s top tier sticks.

Luckily, I enjoy the hobby of building and ogling these as much or more than using them. Also, it helps that I suck at playing. :smiley:
If you want to play and price is an issue (which it sounds like it is), do like Blind said and get a retail stick. I was converted more readily than I’d expected from American to Japanese parts when SF4 came out.


like it was said, parts arent your only cost…tools, materials, replacement materials for messing something up during the build…

the sticks from arcade in a box are reasonably priced really… fair amount of custom options and not that costly when compared to say a Custom built premium or even a TE.

I suppose you could get an xarcade solo, gut it, replace all the parts and have the same thing for a higher price (well mostly the same… buttons are too far apart on those too!)

Another possibility is get the new Mortal Kombat competition stick (coming april 1st) but that is strictly a MK layout so that wont really help ya… (got mine on preorder :slight_smile: )

Or have one built by one of the hugely talented folks here…


To my estimate it is acutally 1/3rd- 1/5th the price you will eventually end up spending to make a stick of the same quality.


My only problem is the whole new aspect of this is still strange to me. I honestly wouldn’t know where to start when it came to parts.
I wouldn’t mind building my own stick, i’m just confused on the whole process


Have you seen yet?


here ya go… this is a great place to start! slagcoin Joystick Controller page