So today is the 3 on 3. And Im typin gthis to remind campbell to remind me to practice rc ball on arcade cabinet cause i cant do it. SO LOOK AT THIS THREAD.
Buktooth is straight killing most of the people that give me and combofiend trouble. and im going back to r2 rolento in certain matches. The captain has spoken. fuck r2 generic ass sagat, shit dont work here. maybe later I:ll post up the conversation Me combo and buk had about conditioning players and differnce in american and japanese style. And i know my grammar and all that shit is fucked up right now but eric lee can eat aa diiiickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

-The Captain

I for one would love to listen in on that conversation.:tup: :tup: :tup:


Wait…when the fuck did I become SRK’s grammar whore?

…and you got the dick eating confused with Keith…he’s the real cock sucker.

Alright i practied rc off the wall with rolento, and rc ball, gotta exagerate the motion and always end with up back and im straight?straighter then keith and eric lee thats for damn sure. today

the king of kings goes back on his throne

-Captain CRAZYYYy:lovin:

I’m not american nor japanese, but I’m looking forward to read that conversation about conditioning and differences between the two powerhouses :).

win this shit

yeah, when i was there it seemed like campbell had upped his level a few notches from before or something.
he was def one of the more impressive (and GRIMIEST) players i saw playing in japan.
tell that fool to clean his apartment.

also kim, let me know how your feet fetish goes in japan. i’m sure they got parlors where you can suck on people’s toes like u told me you wanted to do.


goddamn learn english you fucking fob

best of luck to you guys, i look forward to seeing the results :tup:

I hope bison wins.

Nestor better win or you not gonna be on my team fool

This Tournament was great!!! Buk beasted on Iyo and Otaku and won!!:wink:

Thanks for the results… =\

sounds like campbell has been bumpin that e40 and stayin HYPE


Well 1st place Mago,Nester,Bas and my team got second place the rest I don’t know who got third I guess kim will post it later.

Mago, Nester, Bas. Cheap ass shit. Good shit to them.

awesome, hope to see some vids

i thought by what you said that campbell/kim/fiend won
guess not

Coooooooooooooouchado u fucking beast show them a honda don’t fucking lose!

Damn mago and bas and mexican bas I should of been there would of been a wrap.

Someone post full results