Bum presents Gamers Tournament Feb 13, 2010. NYC/Bronx inside a school

Bum presents Gamers tournament - Feb 13, 2010 Please come by 1:30 pm

Wassup people. I’m here to present Gamers tournament. This is going to be for hardcore gamers like me who play multiple games and test their skills. Start time and end time will announce real soon. I will try to live stream this event.

People can come starting at 11am and i will start the Tournament by 2;30 pm. the end time has to be 9pm. I will have other people helping me out run the tournament. I will be posting up where the tournament is going to be held at and all the tvs that will be used.

BRING your own controllers and make sure you keep all your equipment close by to you.

ABSOLUTELY NO FIGHTING OR EVEN OUTSIDE THE GAME INSULTS. IF SO YOU WILL BE THROWN OUT INSTANTLY. TRASH talking is fine, but don’t take it to the next level and call out someone mom or any of the sort. Respect everyone and same will apply to you.

PLEASE do not come smelling like 10 basketball games. That is the worst to alot of players. sometimes i be wanting to leave tournaments cause the smell is terrible to the point i feel sick in the stomache. 99 percent of ya have soap… use it.

Please when the tournament starts be aware of your name being called. I will go around calling matches AND REPEAT THE MATCHES SEVERAL TIMES. Each match has a 5 mins time limit meaning if a match doesn’t start within 5 mins, cause the player is not there… the other player of that match wins automatically. If you leave without informing any of the workers or anyone period… that is your fault.

ONCE the tournament starts no friendlies on any TOURNAMENT TVS. Come early so you can get your friendlys/mm’s out the way, cause once i start this tournament… I do not want to see anyone playing a game that isn’t tournament. i have a good amount of time… but not to the extreme so i must obey the school time limit. I will try to get extra tvs for casual play.

Once you are done with a match, Please go to one of the workers and inform them about your win/lost. The quicker players do this… the smoother and better the tournament will run.

I will have a menu to multiple resturants ads/numbers so people don’t have to go outside to eat and make things easier instead of people disappearing for like 20 mins which would prolong the tournament.

Can anyone Bring a system most likely a wii or Xbox 360 with a game of course and i probably need a vcr or two since i have like 2 or 3 tvs that would need it.

Gamers Tournament 2009 #3 Hosted by Bum163 When: February 13,2009

Where: Bronx, New York 997 fox st 10459 Between 163rd st & Westchester av I.S.217 Main entrance on tiffany st Take the 2 or the 5 train to Intervale av and walk up 2 blocks on Westchester av until Tiffany st then make a right, the school would be on your left side.

Take the 6 train to Hunts Point av and walk 3 blocks down on 163rd st until Tiffany st on Tiffany st make a right and walk up to the schools main entrance $10.00 Venue Fee & $10.00 Pot Fee Time: Doors open @ 10:00am Sign Up’s: 11:00pm for Brawl gametime 12:00pm.

Sign Up’s: 12:00pm for Tekken 6 game time 1:00pm Sign Up’s: 1:00pm for Street Fighter 4 Game Time: @ 2:00pm sharp For more information contact oni163@aol.com or hesback163@aol.com if you are bringing your setups and you want to have your venue fee reduced you have to be there before game time and wait until the tournament is over.

We are now on myspace and will be on other sites. check out the page where will constantly update the page with pics and info and also have the livestream on there. Myspace link - http://www.myspace.com/518295481
If you want to be added… just send a friend request. With that we can keep in contact with all the players that we have under the friend list.

When we live stream the event… just click on to this link -> www.livestream.com/gamersedge1


TEKKEN 6 <------- On the PS3.

STREET FIGHTER 4 <--------- On the Xbox 360

SUPER SMASH BROS BRAWL <--------------- On the Nintendo Wii

SUPER SMASH BROS MELEE <----------------- On the Nintendo Wii or Nintendo if people vote for it.



Pot distribution

1st - 70%

2nd - 20%

3rd - !0%



Double elimination

3 rounds, Best 2 out 3 games, Winners and Losers is 3 out of 5 matches, Grand finals is Best 4 out 7 which the WINNER of GRAND FINALS HAS TO WIN ONE SET AND THE LOSER HAS TO WIN 2 SETS.

All stages in matches are set to random and you can switch characters when you have lost a match.

Street Fighter 4 RULES

Double elimination

2 rounds, Best 2 out 3 games, Winners and Losers is 3 out of 5 matches, Grand finals is Best 4 out 7 which the WINNER of GRAND FINALS HAS TO WIN ONE SET AND THE LOSER HAS TO WIN 2 SETS.

The Winner of the match has to stay as the character and Loser can switch character.

Super Smash Bros Brawl RULES

Singles 1 v 1 and Doubles 2 v 2

Double elimination

3 stock, Time limit is 8 minutes, Best 2 out of 3 matches.

50 ledge grab rule- if players time each other out in a match with having the same stocks and if one of the other players go over 50 ledge grabs… the player that went over 50 lg’s loses the match.

All types of stalling are banned. Stalling at last 30 seconds of timer is one thing but several minutes is unacceptable. If a player is stalling… call a ref… and explain what he was doing. continue the match to the match is finished and then save the replay and show it to the ref. Then the ref will check out the replay and determined whether the player was stalling or not.

You may not counterpick a stage that you won on.

You may play any banned stage as long as both you, and your opponent agree.

DOUBLES: Team attack is on/ Life stealing is on


  1. Players choose their characters and Blind pick is enable for the first match

  2. Players beging to stage strike till one stage is left

  3. Each player may announce one stage to be banned for counterpick of the set

  4. The first match begins.

  5. The loser of the previous match announces the next match stage from either the neutral or counter pick stage list.

  6. The winner of the previous match chooses their character, unless the loser decided to go random on the stage… if so the winner cannot change character.

  7. The loser of the previous match chooses their character.

  8. Repeat steps 5-7 for the next matches of the set.

Neutral stages

Final destination


Yoshi’s island


Lylat cruise

Counterpick stages

Delfino plaza

Frigate orpheon

Battleship Halberd

Castle siege

Rainbow cruise


Pokemon stadium 1

No standing or walking ddd chaingrab. the player must run and grab with ddd.

If both players have one stock and one of the players caught the other player with a suicide move… the player that initiated the move wins automatically no matter if the opponent wins or it was tie. I did this cause in this game… controller port counts as to if you win, lose or tie and i think it’s stupid. to make it simple if you get caught by a suicide move… you lose. plain and simple.

In the event of a TIE at the end of the match, because time ran out… the player with the most stock[s] wins the match. If both players have the same amount of stock[s], then it is decided by percentage. If both players have the same amount of stock[s] and percentage, the players will quit the sudden death, set the stock count to one and restart the match.



WII’S- 5

PS3- 2






Komaster163 aka Duray

Update Nov 17, 09 -Bring a system and game and if it gets used… the venue fee will get reduced to 5 DOLLARS.

Update Nov 17, 09 -Last time we couldn’t check all the tvs and make sure they work… but we will make sure to get the proper equipment for the tv’s to work. Also Street fighter 4 will be for the Xbox 360 and Tekken for the PS3.

Update Nov 17, 09 - I would like to thank J.G wentworth for helping out and he will be helping out the next one as well, so if he tells you something… please listen to what he has to say as well as myself and Pipa. Down the line we will be looking for more people to work with, so do not be scare to ask if you are interested in helping. We have other Projects in mind that we plan to do.

Update Nov 17, 09 - More pics of Tv’s will be up soon and also Please try to come within the time the Tournament starts. You can get more friendly’s in and Only the first set of people who is bringing their systems will get used… so more of a reason for you to come as early as possible. Also you cannot get out the building after a certain time, cause the security won’t be there anymore. I will have numbers to different resturants to deliver food or you can get mcdonalds early. Things may also be done differently in which i will update ya when this change happens.

Update Nov 17,09 - If you want to train in my house, Just give me a call and i can set something up. I’m free to train basically any day in any of the games Or on Xbox live which my name is Bum163 and yes i play Call of duty modern warfare 2 on xbox live hardcore in case anyone wants to make a team.

Update Nov 24, 09 - Since i’m throwing Super smash bros melee into the mix… i need the new rules and stages for that game. Also i need people to bring their copies and gamecubes/wii’s so we can have this in the mix. Also this might be the only game that to enter singles and doubles… it will be 5 dollars each since it’s an old game.

Update Nov 24, 09 - I got two more Tv’s but they need fixing or thrown out. Do anybody know how to fix the old school Tv’s? Hit me up asap.

Update Nov 24, 09 - Congratulations to my boy Fab for coming in 1st in the Norcal regional for Tekken 6. One of the best Tekken players ever to play the game and now confirm to be coming to this event.

Update Nov 30, 09 - Congratulations to all the winners of every tournament in NYC /Jersey the saturday that just past. In case you wondering it was Smooth viper in Jersey city for Sf4, Damdai in Brooklyn for Sf4 and Ally and Anti in teams and Ally in singles for Super smash bros brawl.

Update NOV 30 ,09 - We working on something to make PS3/XBOX360 players don’t have to be worry about playing on a system they don’t want to play on. This should be accomplished by Jan hopefully.

Update DEC 02, 09 - Wes challenge Patg to a 20 dollar mm Best 4 out of 7. The rules are standard except The player must win by having a stock extra than the opponent or wipe out the other player stocks. The mm will take place before the tournament so if you interested in watching this fight… Arrive to the tournament early and get your seats. We will also try to live stream this fight if we can.

Update DEC 05, 09 - Please also be here on time. last time alot of people show up sort of late and we want this to start early. Also come early if you bringing a setup to reduced your venue fee and yes there is metal detectors and security in the front. Once it hits 4pm people cannot enter the venue cause of school policies. SO ONCE AGAIN PLEASE BE HERE AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE. THE SCHOOL OPENS AT 10 AM MEANING YOU CAN BE THERE AT 10 AM.

Update Jan 26, 2010 - If you bringing a system… in order for your venue fee to get reduced… you have to be here before 1:30 pm and stay till the event is over or we don’t need the system anymore. Once everything is done… you will get your 5 dollars back. This only works if you have the game and system and the venue fee cannot get reduced anymore no matter what.


Myspace link in case you miss it on top of the page -> http://www.myspace.com/518295481


Im coming!!!

If I am in the city I will go. If I get there 30-60 mins late will this be a problem?

You should add a bunch of $1 poverty game tournaments to this next time around, and Melty Blood/TVC. You got 13 systems and 20+ TV’s so it shouldn’t be a problem. I know a bunch of people that would come for KOF, Vampire Savior, Alpha series, etc. Let’s make that happen!

I got systems from people bringing and yes i have alot of tvs. If you know a bunch of people… We can set something up just for those people to come and have their own day. Poem you should be ighttt cause tournaments… sad to say never start on time cause people come late. I’m going to buy a capture card in a few mins so i can stream this event. Any questions my aol name is oni163,

Remember if you bring a setup/ Come before 1pm and stay till we don’t need the setup anymore… your venue fee will be cut in half so instead of paying 10 dollars… you will pay 5 dollars.