Bum presents Gamer's Tournament Feb 13, 2010 Results


For everyone that came and show their support… thank you for coming and please be aware March 27, 2010 will be my birthday tournament in which i will have free food and cake. I might also add Tatsunko vs capcom ultimate all stars if possible. Here are the results for all games that took place in this tournament.

Signs will start now at 11am For all games in the tournament considering the fact that people have to be out the school by 9pm with no exceptions. So in order for the tournament to finish… people have to come early. By 12:30 pm Brawl doubles will start and by 1:30 Brawl singles will start.

Street fighter 4 will start by 2pm. Any questions my aol screen name is oni163 and if you ever want to come to my sessions in my house… anyone is invited.

Street Fighter 4 Teams 3 vs 3 -

  1. We get money

  2. Marvel comics

  3. TPH

  4. WE’re not good

  5. Poly

Street fighter 4 Singles -

  1. Kevin

  2. Insaynne

  3. Smooth Viper

  4. Mike g

  5. TPH Truehitman

  6. TPH Itachi

  7. Poem

  8. Clearly and panda

  9. Frankie 3strike

  10. Techno mixer

  11. Travis

  12. TPH Lionheart

  13. TPH Ace of a wolf

  14. SV

  15. Bum

  16. Matt ‘‘chew’’ Phillips

  17. Cx30

Super Smash Bros Brawl results -

  1. Jtails and Wes

  2. Dire and Jash

  3. Adhd and NL

  4. Minty sausage

  5. 17 cups of coffee

  6. Blackanese and Bum

  7. Shint PH.D

  8. Munoz and Sean

  9. Penta and Jelos

13.Rukkiko and Hippo

Super Smash Bros Brawl Singles -

  1. Adhd

  2. Jash

  3. Nl

  4. Bum

  5. Minty

  6. Wes

  7. John12346

  8. Leo

  9. Jtails

  10. Cyttorak

  11. Shin moo

  12. Luny tunes

  13. Dire

  14. Penta

  15. Liam

  16. Remix

  17. Ks136

  18. Linkx

  19. Kingz

  20. Shippo

  21. Rukkio


Had fun. Thanks for the matches everyone.


I’m coming to the next one for sure. Im down for some TVC!!


Also remember Bringing a setup [console and game] reduces the venue fee by 5 dollars. We have plenty of tvs that we couldn’t use cause the lack of setups. You must be there before 12pm in order to get this special discount with setup and wait till we are done in the tournament or don’t need the setup anymore.


I might be able to bring a system next time. Do u need a copy of SF4 too?


Shin Moo no doubt haha. This tournament needs Vampire Savior next time.