Bum presents The House Chronicles in the Bx March 18, 2011 - Marvel vs Capcom 3


Wassup this is Bum here to host a tournament in a city deprive of a tournament scene. This will be in my house, but I assure you my house is bigger and better than most tournament venues in NYC. I will have 5 or more setups for MVC3 and two rooms I can use in case a lot of people come. There is plenty of chairs for people to sit on and I will most likely stream this event. This will be play on the Xbox 360 version.

Venue fee - $5

Entry fee - $10

Address - 955 e163rd st apt 5j. I am a block away from Intervale train station which is the 2 and 5 line. I am also a few blocks away from Hunts point Train station which is the 6 line.

Start time - 6pm

End time - When tournament is done

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Rules -

No game breaking glitches allow

Winner must keep same order of team and assist. Loser is allow to change Team and Assist.

Damage set to medium

Time set to 99 seconds

Normal Handicap

2 out of 3 sets

Winners, Losers and Grand finals are 3 out of 5 sets. Loser in Grand finals must win two 3 out of 5 sets

If you have any questions… you can contact me via -

Facebook - Johnathan163@myspace.com

Aim - Oni163

Cell number - 1-718-607-0321


Hey just to inform people about the $10 venue fee/$10 entry fee… this option also includes free pizza, buffalo wings, drinks and all types of munchies.


im ready to blow it up with ryu


im in there