Bums "Step Your Game Up" Session - July 2nd, 2010 - Bronx, NY

Bums “Step Your Game Up” Session

Bum from the BX is having a session at his place this friday, July 2nd
He’s charging $5 a head

Heres what he’s gonna have…

  • 5 tvs with xbox 360’s running SSF4.
  • Free play from 2pm to 10pm
  • Fans on so it doesnt get too hot
  • Top level competition from some of NYC’s best
  • Drinks will be provided to those who ask

He will be streaming the event at [put link here]

955 E163rd Street Apt 5J
Bronx, NY
Directions by Train: Take the 2 or 5 train to Intervale Ave
get out on the westchester side. when you down the stairs do a 180 and follow under the train till you reach kelly rst. make a right into kelly st and then cross the street to the other sidewalk. walk down till you get to the corner of kelly and 163st… make a left till you reach 955 and that’s my building

Any questions post here or call either myself or bum
MikeG’s Cell: 347-472-2105
Bum’s Cell: 718-581-9380

To preregister, just reply to the thread or PM me, and I’ll add your name

Guest List

  1. Bum
  2. MikeG
  3. Rhys
  4. Osiris
  5. ClakeyD
  6. TPH Itachi
  7. Kyroc4Ever
  8. Draxblood


Please add me. I’d like to check this out. Gauge my skill:china:

there is currently a stream up. Here is the link.

Time to stream monster. Yo Bums and Mike, nice meeting you guys tonight. We gotta do this again another night.

Great meeting Bum today. Chill place you got man. MikeG always cool to see you around bro. Fun games to all who were there. Thanks again to the gentleman that gave me the car ride home.

That was me, I need your gamer tag. I need to step up my game.