Bunny Hoppers

I recently picked up Zangief and have been having a blast with him in G2. I admit, I get too throw happy and sometimes forget other moves, but I have won a handful of G2 champs with him.

My biggest problem so far is dealing with bunny hoppers. Basically, anybody who sits in my face but is constantly jumping. I must be doing something wrong, as everyone just says to use the Lariat, but more often then not I get stuffed and look like an idiot. Sometimes the headbutt works, but my gamepad (which has large diagonals and small cardinal directions) makes this difficult, and sometimes I get stuffed since I’m jumping up on my way down.

Hold duck and then PPP lairat, you’ll be happy with the results.

If you trade hits while using cr.lariat as an anti-air, you can EXGH afterwards for an extra 80 points of damage

Who do you usually play as?

I tried that and somehow i either get stuffed or it trades at best (very rare).

I tried using it very late, early on, inbetween --> none of them seems to work reliably if they jump in.
I want to punish them for stupid jumps but it just doesnt work.

Im using cr. mp now, works much better if you ask me.

if they are constantly neutral jumping throwing out the lariat stopper punch/kick, at the peak of their jump give em an EXGH before they land. worked for me.

You propably aren’t timing it correctly. cr.Lairat is VERY common useful Gief tactic and is something you should know even if it is something you don’t use often. I myself use cr.MP most of the time aswell and I think it works a little bit better. But in some questionable cross up situations or other anti air junks you would propably want to do cr.Lairat. Learn how to use both!

I’ve gotten better at doing the headbutt, so that’s helped somewhat.

However, gh0un basically summed up my problem with the Lariat. I get stuffed at worst, since the hit box doesn’t extend to Zangief’s head. I recently faced a bunny hopping Sagat, who while sucked at Zoning and even landing his Ultra, managed to really shut me down because he kept neutral jumping HK (or MK, I don’t play Sagat much). This was especially bad on knockdown, since I couldn’t jump fast enough to headbutt, and my lariat kept getting stuffed.

Then back dash on wake or just cr.MP on wake.

go into training mode and practice timing it, you have to hold crouch when you lariat, i read somewhere that it gives a few invincibility frames or something like that.

when you learn the timing better it hits almost every time and at the very least trades.

cr.mp is a good anti-air, but lariat does more damage (EXGH on trade) and it gets a knockdown.

crouching PPP lariat should not get stuffed if you react on time. (right when their feet get off the ground)

for me it always trades, and i expect it to trade if they come in attacking.

otherwise its a clean hit if they are just empty jumping.

ever since i made it to g1 it’s been a ryu-fest and a lot of them just literally do jumping forward over and over again. when i get them in the corner that’s all they do and even when they’re just standing in front of me not in the corner that’s all they do.

Okay? I hope you do something about it.

best thread title on srk. would read again.

Its all good, lol. I know what he means…brutha just plays too many FPS.

according to the second post here, i was under the assumption it was working 100% of the time. it obviously doesnt, at least not against all characters.

my main is dhalsim and i played up to 12k points in g2. switched to zangief in order to prolong the game in g2, because g1 is still empty in the pc version.
now my zangief got too good already and i found myself winning one finale after another, and am 500 pts before g1.
im probably going to have to pick up one more character^^

try EX lariat SJC air throw

No one thing seems to work against all chars. But some options are the crouch lariat which Im not a fan of anymore. Most people are doing this hopping crap because it beats a lariat and therefore beats 99% of online Giefs since they only spam lariat.
Try to jump and heatbutt them as well. If theyre a bit further away, then try an ex hand as their landed. Ive gotten away with a backdash->jab spd on a few occasions.
The low mp works, also you can try a focus attack. As long as you change it up, you should be able to get them a few times, throw off their pattern and its back in your favor.

Also works fairly good on Chuns and Hondas with their jumps is to just do a standing roundhouse. Takes a lil practice to get the timing right but thats another fun move to whack em with.

Standing HK at maximum range does the trick when timed properly
just practice this in training mode to get the timing right.

Did not try this on chuns and hondas yet (as TheGlow remarks), but for ryu’s this worked great!