Where them upload vids at son :wink:

And hi cammy players!



This one vid has been on the frontpage of srk for awhile now:

Shoryuken - EG Marn Performing Arcade Edition Yun Genei-Jin Combos in the Wild


hi Marn :3


Haha, ok ok sorry I forgot! I’ll get them up asap it’ll be in 3 weird parts cause someone texted me while I was recording. And he isn’t taking about any if us playing… Oh and he ran me over last night. I got some new tricks! Watch out


is that Marn? :lovin:

HEY! :woot:




give this a try, its done very poorly and i cant edit it… hahahah, oh well fuuuhhhh it. enjoy !!

if it doesnt work, just search key words ( marn ross AE )


Yun seems so much fun to play and his dive kicks are sick compared to Cammy’s.


marn you make great fullscreenultra videos


damn the twins, they dive like rufus. a better version of rufus maybe??

i dont know you guys. i’m not impressed with yun. i say screw the twins.

i wonder how they will fair vs Geif and Boxer.

but i admit i have the hots for Yang. :rolleyes:



Already on eventhubs.


Oh, shit. Yun is godlike.
I don’t know why capcom craped Cammy when I see Yun videos.


can we just make this an AE cammy vid thread?


I never have anyone around to record :frowning: