Buppa Daisuki?



Anyone ever see footage of this guy? If you look at ssfranking.com, you could see him as top Gouken with 73K BP… What the hell is he doing different from the rest to be able to break through that 30k BP sum area the rest of gouken players are stuck in?


There doesn’t seem to be much footage of many of the high ranked jp arcade players, for a long while Tottsuaan was the guy I wanted to see, but I think he’s since fallen off stopped/playing gouken. I’d like to see Buppas gouken as well as Amiyus(his win percentage is pretty impressive). I don’t think Buppa’s doing much anything different, he’s just playing more. Nobody really plays gouken in the arcades, even now. The fact that he is the only person to have more than 70k, while everyone else is at 30k and below reflects poorly on the character and just means nobodies playing him. I wish there was some sort of secret, but I’m sure it’s simple as who is playing more and who isn’t. The correlation between the top 10 BP of each respective character and that characters ‘usage’, I’m sure you’ll find is a positive relationship.


Wow he actually has some footage online!

check this out!
It’s vanilla AE though.



Hmmm…I wonder what he’s been able to do with the 2012 changes. Granted it’s only two matches but certainly seems skilled. Sure he got bodied by Gouki but -6 is a great player. Gouken versus Gouki is bringing a knife to a gunfight in Vanilla AE.


In 2012 is like fighting a couple weight divisions above your own. Weight divisions=tiers