Burbank ALl Amusement! The Other Arcade!


Yeah, it may not be head to head and they’re behind with Tekken, Initial D and whatnot, but Marvel and CvS2 cabs are in really good shape, so is XvSF and there’s potential for good comp. Anybody in the area?


Well I just moved to the Van Nuys Area from Virginia, but I do know that Burbank isn’t that far from where I am. Whats the address there?


Yo yo yo!
Actually, whenever I go see a movie at the AMC 16, I sometimes go there and kill an hour or two…what times are people usually there? I usually only play CvS2.-im the guy that picks A groove King, Benimaru and Ryo/Akuma…But yeah, let me know…


T5 here sucks nobodys good.

I’ll play some Marvel here if you guys let me know when you will be down here, preferably on the weekends cuz I visit my girl at Glendale and its relatively close.


ffa is to close to you guys to not go to ffa.


i’m there tuesdays all day long, usually going heads up with soo and finesse jr. come by anytime on tuesdays and you’ll get comp.


Does anyone still come here? I can be comp for 3s and UMK3… :rofl:

If the sticks work… :wonder:


didn’t they make it 50 cent again. I’d sooner just go to ffa if I’m even going to drive down that way shrugs


If you’re gonna drive to FFA, why not take the extra 15min. and drive out to Denjin.


don’t they use jap sticks?


They do. But they also have a MvC2 cab with 360 sticks.


This is new information to me… what days/times is the competition best there for MvC2?


You sir, are a wise man.


Any1 want to meet up for sum cvs2 this week?


Not really much of a MvC2 crowd. But if MvC2 players start to show up on a regular basis, people will come. Cabinets are always working, and if something breaks, just tell the guys working behind the counter and it will be fixed immediatley.


there is no mvc2 comp at denjin. sorry shogo, but when it starts up, i will go there.


That is what I’ve heard. I’ve mentioned heading there with my bro a couple times but that’s usually what’s said. I’m also sad to say that FFA has been farely slow the last few times I went. Are any days crackin now that schools back in session over there?


In all honesty, if nobody ever goes because there is no comp, than there never will be any comp. If people start going than word will spread and you’ll get some comp.


…So whos wants to meet up for 3s/cvs2!!! lol


I’m down. This place isn’t far from my home. I can play CVS or 3s here anyday so let me know. :tup: