BURIKI ONE - hyper neo geo 64


anyone know where i can find the MOVES for the characters? the FAQ at GAMEFAQS sucks…:o


lol I searched for an hour and found squat. A-town must have the only board in the US.


WHO are you?!?

Do I know you from somewhere? Roger Tesheira knows me; look for the Viet guy with glasses lurking about…:stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll play CvS2, 3s, MvC2, and even a lil’ scrubby KoF 2k3 and A3. Buriki One grew on me, until Roger’s friend Eric BEASTED me with the WRESTLER!:eek:

Anyways, hit me up.


I know of one other place that has it, with one problem- you have to get accepted into DLI at Monterrey to get in there…
in other words, enlist and get into the toughest school to graduate in the military.


Heh, well I don’t really go often… I’m only decent at #R and Garou anyway right now. Once I get better at KoF, 3S, CvsS2, and Marvel I’ll probably come around a lot more. I honestly only got started seriously playing fighting games about a year ago after seeing some GGX action. Before that I just played stuff like Samurai Shodown and SF2 on my SNES with friends.

If you DO see me, I’m just a white guy with brown hair and brown eyes. Usually playing GGXX#R or fiddling around by myself on Garou.

Oh well, until then :).


Okay, I’ve found something… but you may already know about it, since someone from Dallas was inquiring about it in the Neo-geo threads google spidered down

An incomplete movelist, but some are here:

A thread for Buriki one moves (seems like this is what the above movelist was based on):

Good luck.


yo i have a link so ayll can see the game in actoin http://www.insertcredit.com/features/rugal/


mukai, enough respect!!!

OMG, I can’t thank you enough for the link to those videos!!! :clap:

Hyper Neo Geo 64 emulation has just begun! :party:


My college in San Antonio used to have SS64, but they got rid of it before I put any real time on it.


Ryo Sakazaki had his coolest look in Buriki One.


i no i’m the man :encore:


Hey everyone, time to resurrect this thread since I just got an arcade set up of buriki one and I’m planning on picking this game apart piece by piece. I don’t have any way to capture frame data at the moment but I will try and go as in depth on some moves as I can.

Core Mechanics:

the joystick movement has been clarified just about everywhere so there’s really no need to cover this, but oh well. Using Keypad notation to be more clear:
8 - (Hop) for most characters this dodges LOW attacks.
7 - (High side-step) for most characters this sidesteps and dodges HIGH attacks
4 - (Middle side-step and Charge move) Some characters will step back, some just get into an attack stance that’s launched when you press forward.
1 - (Low side-step) for most characters this sidesteps and dodges LOW attacks
2 - (Duck) for most characters this dodges HIGH attacks
3 - (Light Low attack) a quick low attack
6 - (Light Mid attack) a quick attack to the middle, between Low and Mid these will be your characters’ fastest attacks
7 - (Light high attack) a “quick” attack to the face. This generally loses to the low and mid.

Notice how I put “Light” there next to 3,6, and 7? That is because if you press forward + 3,6 or 7 you will perform a stronger variant of that said attack.

Guarding and Guard Breaks:

Pressing forward + back, will make your character guard any normal attack. However, there is a certain amount of damage your character can take that is dictated by your characters weight and balance bar. There really is no tell-tell sign from what I can see, so if your character is light, you need to be very aggressive or you will be spending a LOT of time on the ground.

Throws will break guards, and some characters have moves that will break guards if fully held out. Every character does not have a throw though.

Wake-up game:
If knocked down and you see you opponent trying to time a move, don’t panic. You can stay on the ground forever, I’m not kidding. But also keep in mind that they have ground attacks as well, so react accordingly. Some characters also have wake-up attacks, but I’m not sure how to perform them or if my timing is simply off.

Stun and Counter hits:
Getting counter hit in this game hurts, A LOT. If the move hits high (from what I’ve noticed) you will get dizzy.

Balance Bar:

Pay close attention to it’s position and the energy inside. The energy inside dictates how long your characters can keep/resist a hold, so always keep that in mind even if you’re the person doing the grapple. If your energy is lower than your opponents, they can not only break your hold, but REVERSE IT ON YOU.

It also looks like the further your balance bar is away from the center, the easier it is to knock you down.


Points play a HUGE part in this game. Depending on your character’s size and weight class, it may not be wise to take larger opponents head on. Turtling, getting your guard broken, and ring outs will hurt your score. Landing hits, breaking guards, and causing ring outs add points.

Character moves: (Hypen indicates a pause)

Ryo Sakazaki: (Speed)

Ryo’s lack of throws can put him at the mercy of a defensive opponent who is quick with reaction time. However, his is powerful and can break guards in a few strings.

Overhead chop. On guard break hit, it causes a downward stumble. On counter hit it causes stun (?, needs more testing)

Forward, Forward - 6,6
Twisting Impact
2nd kick Causes knockdown. The 1st kick is safer on block but the 2nd kick will hit for big damage.
This is a great guard-breaking move, if an opponent has previously blocked a combo string from you, then this will send them to the pavement. You can follow up with a ground attack.

7-6, 7 (HOLD)-6
Rising Impact
One of Ryo’s most powerful moves. The light version can be used in a block string(6,7-6), and the hard version will break guard immediately. If you break guard with the light version, you can follow up with a Forward + 9.

1-9, 1(HOLD)-9
Ducking Upper
A good anti-air but dangerous on recovery like most shorykens. I’m not sure about the hurtbox on this attack but I’ve gone through attacks with it. (I don’t think its startup is invincible)

7-6 (Initiate Throw), 4 (hold to pin, then go from 5 to 4 in the rhythm of the character)
Atomic Blow (Body Attack)
This is a counter move for High and Mid attacks. If you can land it, go for it.

2 - 3, 2 (HOLD) -3
Leg kick, SWEEP
Low attack. Sweep causes knock down. The sweep version of this move is very unsafe and will get you punished.


6,6,3 - two jabs and a low kick
6,9 One jab and a high kick.
9,9 Two high kicks
3,3 Two Low Kicks

Ryo’s Ranbu Combo:
8-6,9,6,6,3,9,9,6 - I have never completed this move, I’ll keep trying. Good luck.

I kinda have to wait for a 2nd player to explore a lot more of the moves and their full functions