Burn in the Flames of the Faltine! Dormammu Combo/Strategy Discussion thread

Reserved, for now! Gotta get that lab time in.

Command List

Suffer: :f::h:
Fire Carpet: :df::h:
Dark Hole: :qcf::atk: Air OK.
Purification: :dp::atk:
Dark Spell: Creation: :qcb::l:
Dark Spell: Destruction: :qcb::m:
Liberation: :qcb::h:
Flight Mode: :qcb::s: Air OK.

Chaotic Flame: :qcf::atk::atk:
Stalking Flare: :qcb::atk::atk:
Dimensional Bubble: :dp::atk::atk: Costs 3 bars.

Move Properties

[details=Spoiler]Wallbounce moves:

  • Suffer (f.C). Combo into a Liberation release or Dark Hole midscreen, possibly more? Needs testing, I believe.

OTG moves:

  • Purification, cancel quickly into Chaotic Flame.
    Plenty of Liberation releases
  • 2C0D Liberation, which will carry the opponent with the spikes?
  • 1C2D Liberation, which needs an assist to combo into the meteors but holds the opponent for some time.
  • 2C1D Liberation, which will keep the opponent low to the ground, I believe hard to follow up from.
  • 0C3D Liberation, which blows the opponent into the air for massive damage and followups.[/details]

Magic Series
Ground magic series for Dormammu is unlike any other character’s in that he cannot gatling into :h: from :m:. Therefore, his standard combo into launch is :d::l: :m: :s:.

From there, standard air combo (no flight) looks like j.:l: j.:m: j.:h: (wait a moment) j.:s:.

His main OTG option without Liberation is Purification xx Chaotic Flame, which must be done very quickly or the pillar knocks them out of Chaotic Flame’s vertical range. With Liberation, 0C3D is the strongest, but 2C0D works too.

The simplest combo, then, is this: :d::l: :d::m: :s: (wait a moment) sj.:m: sj.:m: sj.:h: sj.:s: OTG :dp::m: :qcf::atk::atk: Use Purification strength as necessary - you may have to use H instead of M. Purification needs to be canceled on the first hit for Chaotic Flame to connect.

Getting more complex, you can start adding in wallbounces and Fire Carpets. :f::h: wallbounces, so near the corner you can do something like :d::l: :d::m: :f::h: :d::h: :f::h: :d::h: :s: and go into the air combo from there. Fire Carpet also links into :d::m: which will link back into Fire Carpet 3 times in the corner (see Mission 8).

Projectile Breakers
Some of Dormammu’s moves will beat projectiles clean if they come into contact during the move’s active hitboxes. These moves are:
:m:, :d::m:, j.:m:, :h:, :d::h:, :df::h:, j.:h:, :s:, j.:s:.

I have yet to find a projectile these moves will not beat, though projectiles like Arthur’s 3x daggers are spaced such that only two or so will get hit.

To the lab!

Fancier stuff for now:

Liberation Combos

[details=Spoiler][media=youtube]zTFs_UwVkxs[/media] (Deals about 500k damage, 50% on CapAm).

[media=youtube]tH95O6IhRW4[/media] (Deals about 1100k damage, 100% on CapAm)[/details]

Reserved, post 2.

Reserved, post the third.

Word of advice, you might want to separate his combos

-meterless combos
-meter combos
-POC/POD comboes
-X-factor combos

I wouldnt make a lvl2 POC his bread and butter. Love what you did making videos of the actual juggles, im gonna have to use that.

I know, I was just writing things up with those two videos I had.

PoC / PoD stuff will end up separate when I finish my homework.

Can you replicate the combo in his reveal trailer, specifically the POC/POD charging mid combo?

I want to see some more of that shit.

Only the first two combos in his reveal trailer really mattered, the rest were more reset-y and didn’t quite combo.

Those two were:

cr.A st.B st.S > sj.A j.B j.C j.S > PotC > OTG 1C0D Liberation (Corner-only? Probably not.) > st.B st.S > sj.A j.B j.C > Dark Hole (Air) (DH hit late in the trailer, didn’t combo.)

cr.A st.B st.S > sj.B j.C j.S > OTG Purification xx Chaotic Flame

So, thoughts on format? I’m perfectly comfortable with most things, but I’m not sure what works best. :l: :m: :h: ? cr.A st.B f.C? It’s up to the people who’ll be using this, mostly.

if anyone (jester) is willing to test, i’ll post some combo ideas

I know this is probaly the wrong thread but how the hell do you realease a lvl 1 pwr o the creator? i can only charge it 3 times and let go… and of course the command list lacks this

No, it’s on there.

Use Liberation (qcb.C) to release your charges.

I was not able to get level one liberation to otg, that being said rules of thumb with dormmu are

s.a s.b and c.a c.b combo, he can’t combo into his s.c or c.c HOWEVER after looking at it, if people are push blocking early you might be able to do s.a s.c or c.a c.c…this doesn’t combo but MAY be a frame trap…with no metere you can go E into j.b j.b j.c j.e for more damage then when they are on the floor if you don’t have meter you can throw down flame carpet or purification. a better solution would be to teleport mixup with an assist as an oki game if you want to be dangerous, you might be able to gain a power for liberation before you do this

3D liberation has a ton of hit stun, does otg and can easily be supered into from a distance as they do not recover until they hit the floor

BNB with three bars is ABE -> BBE-> level 3 , if you xfactor right as soon as you get to the ground then perform your level 3 then you could kill most characters

BONUS (still needs further testing) if phoenix is sitting on 5 meters kill her with chaotic flames from a distance, she will then enter dark phoenix mode which you can then KFC to another chaotic flames…I think she is vulnerable right as soon as she turns letting the second kfc chaotic flames connect and kill her instantly

EDIT MORE BONUS c.mp works well as an anti air and if buffered with exchange afterwards can act as an option select…his arm is also engulfed with flames which will actually eat up akumas air fireballs (at least from what i saw)

Post up your ideas, I’m always down to test shit. I’m gonna work more with dormammu tomorrow for sure, I spent most of the evening today with sentinel.


1.(with 3D charged) c.A + ThorMightySmash, c.B, OTG c.A, c.B, f+C, teleport, juggle with j.A, j.B, land, lvl3PotC, E, sj.A, sj.C xx aduf sj.A, sj.C xx flight, sj.A, sj.C xx portal, sj.A, sj.E, land, purification

-you can begin the combo with fire carpet loops if you want and see how hitstun decay effects it. i would’ve replaced the ending otg purification with 0d1c spike but you said that doesn’t work anymore. you should be able to otg with a second assist that hits OTG (like Skrull Stone Smite) and see if you can tag a super on before the opponent flips out.

  1. any air combo ending with E, land, airdash over + j.E…

-i just wanna know if this connects

none of those will connect. His suffer doesn’t recover fast enough for a teleport into attack, and hitstun decay doesn’t really allow that many normals, and you can’t combo after his dark hole without an assist. But I will be trying airdash and flight combos today, so I’ll keep you posted. Also dormammu’s only otg normal is fire carpet, even though j.E hits downwards, it’ll whiff

OK thanks.

I’ll just leave this here… That was badass

Combo from there:

cr.A st.B f.C st.C S sj.B j.C j.E OTG Purification xx Chaotic Flame XFC 1C2D Liberation (hits at the peak of the spike) OTG Purification xx Chaotic Flame


100% works on entire cast (including sent) i just dont’ have him unlocked.
requires 3 potd

c.:l: c.:m: f.:h: c:h: xx chaos flame xfc c.:h: :s: (super jump) sj :h: sj. :s: (land) :hcb: :h: :qcf: :l: chaos flame

does 1,300,500 or something but it does enough to kill sent

if anyone wants me to test stuff let me know ill try it out

I have a bunch of stuff I’d like to take to the danger room for testing, but can you check:

When the opponent is in OTG state, drop a 1C1D liberation and then Purification ASAP. What happens? What about 2C1D?