Burn in the Flames of the Faltine! Dormammu Combo/Strategy Discussion thread

2c1d is the only liberation that will otg. and you can call hellfire and still hit with purification if you hit them out of the air with S late enough, but if you were high up, then it won’t work.

Not trying to OTG. I’m trying to see if Hellfire will knock them back to the ground so you can combo after Liberation OTG.

I got some training mode time earlier today at a Best Buy kiosk. Controller was a broken x360 controller, but the guys said I could try and hook up a stick on Saturday and we’ll see what I can figure out from there.

OK jester try this.

c.A, c.B, f.C, 3D, teleport, j.C(late), land, E…or whatever after teleport.

I’m gonna assume you want me to try this midscreen because of the teleport. sounds interesting, i’ll give it a shot. Results in a few.

Edit: Not possible. Dormammu’s teleport is relative to the character, not a screen position like super skrull’s, so you’re always to high to hit them before they recover. Cool concept tho, that’d be dope if it worked. It might work with like a drone assist to cover the fall time.

OK, what about airdash down_downforward to put yourself in position after the teleport?

I had some extensive time to play with Dormammu last night (friend has a legit copy) and he’s a pain in the ass to get in on. If you’re going to play him as a zoning character, Hand of the Destructor should be level 3 most of the time, since it seems to stop all attempts to dash in on him. I had him as my assist 2 character, and saved my KFC for him, so that I can use him Cosmic Catastrophe (Stalk Flare) and then KFC and use CC again.

Cosmic Catastrophe?

0C3D and 2C0D are the best in my experience for stopping dash-ins (the former for damage and the latter for . 2C1D is the best on defense, 0C3D is the best combo extender, 3C0D is godlike utility, and a free level 3 I believe…most Liberations are great.

I tried, but they fall while you’re still reappearing, and his airdash goes like 3 feet = (.

Cosmic Catastrophe is his Stalk Flare. I call it that because Stalk Flare sounds incredibly stupid.

They both sound equally dumb IMO.

true that.
But with Cosmic catastrophe at least it makes sense (dhalsim Ultra-wise lol)

just call it Fireball and be done with it imo.

Maybe that’s because the move is called Stalking Flare, and not “Stalk Flare”, like it belongs in a fairy tale about a kid who sells a cow for magic beans. Cosmic Catastrophe sounds too dramatic.

OK thanks for testing. i have some other ideas but they’re not even worth mentioning. ill see whats cooking on release.

So Im using dormammu, and I cant help but to notice, how god damn hard it is to combo into his pillars… Im sure this has already been brought up, but damn its hard.

Dormammu 1.2 mil Damage, No assist, no X-factor


You make it sound so good. lol.

2C1D and 3 meters aint that bad tho…i guess.

Some things to mess around with, I suppose.

Off a fire carpet, is the best way to follow up just cr.A cr.B S / cr.C S depending on distance?
What A moves can we remove from the combos (to reduce scaling)? I’m pretty sure you can do S j.B j.C j.S. and it will connect.
What happens if you spike an enemy into Fire Carpet?
You can use Suffer and bounce indefinitely, right? What is the range on that, and is there anything other than Dark Hole, Liberation, or Purification that will be able to follow up midscreen?
B moves break projectiles, apparently? I know I’ll be testing that out extensively when the game drops.

No fly combo’s yet?

Works on everyone:

2L,M,S;jc jM,jH,jS, Lvl3 Liberation (destruction only), Chaotic Flame. . .590,000+ damage. . . In the corner replacing Chaotic Flame with Stalking Flare looks like it will give him some set-ups with flight. . .at the least just taking on a purification makes it do around 593,000. . .

On sent it looks like he might have a loop with jL,jH,jS. . . I know for sure he can do it 3 times. . .

Man whoever has the game before release needs to start theory fighter up!

Okay, initial impressions of a lot of training mode and random online matches for the few early birds who got the game.

Starting with Dormammu on the scrub level is like putting up a kick me sign. Everyone loves to get into your face.

I have very little MVC2/TVC experience so I am scrubbing around with him in random online matches. I really like Suffer (f.H) in which you can cancel off into Chaotic Flame. Good keepaway tool in addition to Dark Hole + random df.H’s you can lay around.

df.H isn’t worth using when you’re cornered too much. I’m running Dorm-Dark hole/Doom-Plasma/Wesker-Low shot. I’m primarily using Doom to keep away some while I chip with Dark hole and Purification, and casting just Destruction for the 3pop move. I haven’t found a good amount of downtime to cast enough to use the meteor or lava rain, but they are good hit confirms into Chaotic Flame.

s.H is a good anti-air to keep people out that jump over Fire carpets or Dark holes up close.

Suffer x2 into 3d is pretty decent damage. Pops for a lot.

I feel Dormammu needs some pretty good assists to help keep out initial aggro and plan around Dark Holes, Purification, and picking up the right Destruction/Creation mixes to chip and open people up to Chaotic Flame and more keep out.

Dormammu can air dash 8 way but he can’t do the attack cancel into dashes I think. Sorry, I don’t know all the lingo at the moment. But I can play around and do it with Doom.

IMO Dormammu is big time hit/run and keep out character. His combos are pretty much basic. When he can hit and run, better have that meter to blow people up with the big combos posted earlier in this thread.