Burn marks (welds) on inside FightStick TE?

So I bought a fight stick TE but I paid more for a second hand one than what they cost new as I wanted it there and then and it was probably the only one within a 200 mile radius.

Its all working ok so I don’t really care about paying a bit over the odds, but after opening it up today can anyone else confirm that the joystick bracket is WELDED to the upper (big piece of metail that makes up the area where you place your hands?)piece of metal?
I have 4 big scorch marks on mine with black soot, and plenty of RED GLUE over the screws below that.

It seems to be holding the joystick in place, I suspect this is ok (as I can still see 4 screws below that), but just wanted confirmation, I don’t exactly trust the source 100%.

It’s normal, that’s how mine is.

Thanks for the confirmation.

Its just because they are anodized and then welded. Its usually done other way round, best bit is the permanent marker by the turbo sliders, classy :slight_smile: