Burned AGP Slot/AGP Card

I have a server (old PC I used) with a Asus P4G8X Deluxe motherboard and a Geforce 6800 Ultra (Asus V9999) video card on it. The system uses liquid cooling.

I decided to get the tower back up and running for various purposes, but that story aside, I have a problem.

Two to three drops of coolant leaked (which is fixed) and somehow managed to land on the AGP card right at the AGP slot. After not running for a large amount of time, these drops solidified (for some reason). Recent reuse made it hot, and the contacts on the AGP slot (about 3 of them from what I can tell) melted. This also caused burn damage on 2 of the contacts on the AGP card itself.

The AGP card still works in another AGP board. My concern is, will these two blackened marks (partially covering contacts) cause the contacts/AGP slot of another board to overheat/melt?

Thanks, guys…

I haven’t posted in this forum in forever, but you guys always knew what you were talking about.

I’d give the AGP card a real good clean with some isopropyl alcohol to get rid of as much of that burnt stuff as you can, then you should be good to go. I can’t see it causing a problem with a new board.

As for the old board, not much can be done about that I’d say. Let it die a peaceful death :wgrin:

I’ve taken a photo (a horribly blurry one since I apparently don’t understand how to take close range shots with a digital camera)


I’ve cleaned off as much as I could. The red circle is the damage. The white is like, surface discoloration.

Any opinions?

time to upgrade & buy new computer my friend. its about time b-sides they r affordable now

Choozen1’s right, but I’d bet the card still works. But, you might want to try to clean the fingers with alcohol. Oxidation could build up on there and screw up the connection. G’luck! :tup: