Burned Xbox Madcatz Pad help (Please delete this thread)

I am going to do dual mod by using Madcatz streetfighter controller, however when I was trying to take off some parts off the controller, the pad came off from the controller.

This pad is not necessary when dual modding, but I was just wondering if controller will work without any problem.

You make so many Threads.
Why not just keep all your questions in one Thread?

The only parts that are removable are the Tactile Switches.
So I think those are what you tried to get off.

Maybe it is a Ground, since you said it is not needed.
The whole PCB is Ground, one pad (if Ground) does not matter anything.

Well, the LED and Resistors and Capacitors and Microphone Jack are removable too.
But I don’t think you removed those.

thanks for the answer, Sorry for opening up another thread, I wasn’t sure if I can continue on with the PS360 thread. I will continue to ask questions in that threads.

Regards to your answer, I did not remove the microphone jack, I only removed the switched that were attached to start and stuff. Thanks for the answer

pictures help

also you don’t really need to remove those tac switches
all my mods still have them left in unless you want them out for height spacing pcb sandwiches