Burning + Downloading Evo 2k5

So the download of the DVD’s will be 4+ gigs and the files will be ISO and the question that i have is when the DVD is finished being download i just burn it as data or just drag it into a disc? I would really really really appriciate the help and if people want to continue this thread on the other DVD it would be really koo. Thanx for the help:tup:


Ok… I am attempting to download this… I am getting NO throughput (no up and no down) … and there are 151 people on the torrent…

Any suggestions?

edit: I have been on the torrent for nearly 3 hours… with no change… I got really good download at first… but as soon as I got the first piece downloaded… it dropped to zero.

My downloading speed right now is 20 k and it drops but when i started the download it was 170k or even more and the time is 26 hours left, people are not seeding, come on!!! and why didn’t they just made the DVD’s? This kinda sucks for now but I’m shire when my 26 hour down;oad is finish it will be worth it!!!

Theres only one person who has the dvd dude. patience=o

its 2006 and some of you noobs still dont know how to burn isos or how torrents work?


dvd decrypter, burn the iso. done

lol i thought this was funny :rofl:

nobody is seeding :wasted:

Yeah Yeah, fuck it I will.

Whoever made the ISO next time use WinRar to cut down the download in half


Compressing compressed video is a waste of time. It just annoys the people who need to uncompress 4.6 gigs before they can use it.

The reason it’s taking so long is that there’s only 1 copy of the DVD out there (mine). If you’re one of the people who are stuck at 32%, you can only download as fast as I am able to upload (about 40 KB/s). This problem will solve itself as soon as a few people download the complete .ISO (I’m guessing somewhere around Monday morning).

But if you have he actual DVD why don’t you just make copies of it? We don’t need all the artwork and all that we just want to watch the matche (I myself do), we don’t need cover work and all that we just want to watch them!!! I think who has donated to SRK just just get a copy of the DVD or DVD’s they want and not pass all this shit. I still have 35 hours to go and at a speed of 20 to 30 k’s but i know just one has it so i guess ill shut up.

i think the way they did it its exellent.Cuz if you actually think about it i’m about 90 percent sure that NOT everyone in the site orders the dvd.If you think in a business perspective. If people can dl the matches my self included. People would give i don’t know aroud 20-50 dollars of donations per person.Even if a random noob donates 5 bucks is 5 bucks.Count how many people are members to the site not just multiply that by let say 5 bucks.How much money the cannons are gonna make “we hope” so they can still do great things for the scene like this.Cuz honestly as much as i would like to see the tekken matches and ggxx r just for fun cuz i wont pay 40 per dvd set. i only care about cvs2,st,and sf3… now i can see how the other games did.I’m pretty sure they gonna make more then what they used.Maybe ponder has matches from top 16 of cvs2 and good matches from sf3 that were not on the dvd…

Also… as far as i know i dont think we have “A” 5hr mail service so dl it basically = to getting it by mail. Jeez people are so impatient.As soon as i’m done i’ll seed for ponder i have t3 soo theoretically my up should be way faster then your average joe dl…

you guys are great ponder:tup: :tup: :tup: i’ll do a donation for every dvd i dl since they are asking for ten bucks…everyone that’s a memeber should dl and paid cuz its a ton of fucking cash to help the site and the scene and everyone can aford fucking 10 bucks.

Well put. Some ppl dont realize how torrent works and just abuse it for what it is. I suppose this is a good idea bad idea situation, its good if it works bad if it doesnt. If it works more money will be made this way then by selling the actual dvd’s but if it doesnt than they lose out on potential money. And in reality, someone here is gonna buy the dvd’s and prolly end up throwing it on a torrent anyway, so srk might as well get some donations for it.

You can open up ISOs and retrieve the .VOB and .IFO files right? I’d need something like Daemon Tools to do that IIRC… is there a similar free program out there that wcan do the same thing?

Um… Daemon Tools is free…

And Ponder, you might want to think about using SuperSeeding for the next torrent. It prioritizes your bandwidth to go to a single peer, then it spreads it out to everyone. That way, it will go slower initially, but then ramp up in speed much faster because there will be more people with full copies.

The other option is to upload the .iso to a fast ftp server then let a couple trusted people get the .iso then seed the torrent for everyone else.

I would be more than happy to host the .iso(s) on my web site and let a few trusted seeders dl it. I have 250gb of bandwidth going to waste every month, which is not that much, but I think it would definitely help with the initial seeding.

So far i have 3 gigs 110 megs downloaded, so what is the exact size of this first disc? anyone knows? and as soon as i finish downloading and burning i will seed until at least there is a good chunk of seeders or till the second disc comes out.

If you check the seeding stats, you can see we’re all sitting at that same spot. About 70% done right now. 3.03 out of 4.32 gb done. It will be interesting to see it go from 600 leechers to 600 seeders, and see how many stick around, and how many new people show up once we have a bunch of seeders making the dl faster. But at this rate, it should be done sometime tomorrow afternoon?