Burning dvd movies

What software to use? Nero is a resource hog so i just uninstalled it. Would discjuggler be able to burn .AVI and .MPEGs to dvds that would work in a dvd player? Or what software to use.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Do you have movie ISO’s? If you have those then just get DVD Decrypter and burned them on blank DVD’s. Best piece of software for DVD burning I’ve used. You can also use DVD Shrink to compress ISO files that are over 4.7 gigs so they can fit in a normal blank DVD. If you have .AVI’s and .MPEG’s that you want to burn so you can watch it in your DVD player then you most likely have to convert those files into a format that your DVD player can read. Try to look for a program called ConvertXtoDVD.