Burning DVD's

Forgive me if this has been asked somewhere else before.

I want to burn some of the video files I have on my comp to DVD. Only problem is that most of them use the XVID encoding, and all the default burning software on my computer doesn’t recognize it. I tried searching, and DL’ed a number of burning apps, but haven’t been able to produce a single workable DVD. So, what is the best way to take an .avi file and burn that onto a DVD that’ll play in any regular player?

nero burns xvid dvds.

Nero Burning ROM/Express? Tried them, but they didn’t work for me. =/

yea…nero express essentials burns xvid file by data or dvd-

it should work because i have alot of anime that are mkv and xvid and they burn fine.

Nothing is wrong with your internal/external burner is there?

You will need a converting program to change the files from .avi to .vob

VOB is the native DVD.




These are all pay for solutions.

You don’t necessarily have to convert the files to .vob. Nero works just fine for converting video clips to DVDs.

Nero works, Did you try burning from an ISO, or just putting the files there? That won’t work.

Nero - Make Video DVD - Select your video files - then click burn, it should re encode the entire thing to readable DVD video.