Burningmeter.com - A site for the Canadian FGC by the Canadian FGC


Good day everyone,

Check out www.burningmeter.com. It is a newly launched site that collaborates all information pertaining to the Canadian FGC through user submission.

The ambitions of this site are as follows:

  • A news site, mainly posting news that would affect the Canadian FGC such as game releases, patches, and more.
  • A player profile database for any Canadian player who would like to enter their information as well as social media links and gamertags for Xbox Live, PSN, and Steam.
  • A venue database for any site that hosts regular casuals, ranbats or tournaments so that people can find a place to play no matter where they are.
  • An event database which collaborates all events such as tournaments and game releases in Canada.
  • A stream database for Canadian streams which shows what is currently online and what is being played.
  • A media site which collects and displays combo videos made by Canadian players as well as videos where Canadian players played in streamed matches in majors.

This site can only succeed with your input. It was officially published on June 16th and has had a pretty good response so far. We look forward to working with all of you to make a site that will help paint the full picture of what the Canadian FGC has to offer.





Good job dude!


Great job on the site. I like the use of the word “burning”. Very strong, very ethnic.


Could you add a feature that lets us edit our own profile cards?


This is something that I’m working on. There are a lot of feature which I would like to implement in the future one of them being just that. I’m currently searching for more team members who can help me achieve these goals. Will let you know once it gets updated.