BurningZero's Ultimate Battles Thread

I have done a fair bit of recording of vanilla (around 40 vids or so) and ive been starting to record of Ultimate matches. I’ll start with my earliest down to most recent, and post more as i make them, enjoy :smiley:
Make sure you watch in 720p!

[LEFT][SIZE=3]BurningZero vs EvulSoidier (Zero/IronFist/Nova || IronFist/Hsienko/Arthur)[/LEFT][/SIZE]


[LEFT][SIZE=3]BurningZero’s Ultimate Battle’s 1(Zero/Iron Fist/Nova)[/LEFT][/SIZE]


[LEFT][SIZE=3]BurningZero vs Ichikoga FT5( Zero/IronFist/Nova || Zero/Hawkeye/Vergil)[/LEFT][/SIZE]


[LEFT][SIZE=3]BurningZero vs HG-10 FT5(UMVC3 – Zero/IronFist/Nova || Spiderman/Jill/Ryu)[/LEFT][/SIZE]


BurningZero’s Ultimate Battles 2 (Zero/IronFist/Nova/Dormammu)

A couple of new ones. enjoy

[LEFT][SIZE=22px]BurningZero vs BluexMage FT5 [/LEFT][/SIZE]


[LEFT][SIZE=22px]BurningZero vs DemonofSparta FT5[/LEFT][/SIZE]


Another one. Lol so many losses in a row. little disheartening :slight_smile:

[LEFT][SIZE=22px]BurningZero vs DarknessBeast10 FT5 [/LEFT][/SIZE]


Alas, my recordings have gone on a spreeeee!!

BurningZero’s Ultimate Battles 3!!


Heres a few more FT5’s. Made alot of mistakes. So i must correct and get better :slight_smile:

[LEFT][SIZE=5]BurningZero vs CrasHNBurN150 FT5[/LEFT][/SIZE]


[LEFT][SIZE=5]BurningZero vs AcesReturn FT5[/LEFT][/SIZE]


[LEFT][SIZE=5]BurningZero vs Wikied FT5[/LEFT][/SIZE]


Finally a WIN! gosh. feels good :slight_smile:

[LEFT][SIZE=5]BurningZero vs MugiwaraTenks FT5[/LEFT][/SIZE]


Here’s another Ultimate Battles!
nothing really exciting though. just some Zero OCV’s

[LEFT][SIZE=5]BurningZero’s Ultimate Battles 4[/LEFT][/SIZE]


Post this in the zero vid thread if you want to share it, you don’t have to created a thread just to show your match play, Not only that you posed up in the wrong section.