Burnt Toast III: Socal BB/GG/MB Monthly - Oct 23


Burnt Toast III

When: Sat. Oct 23rd

Where: The Legendary Lotus
2061 E. 28th Street
Unit 310 Signal Hill
Ca, 90755
(562) 682-3529

Games: BBCS
Naruto: CoNR3

$3 Venue fee
$5 entry fee for each game
Payout is 70/20/10
Any game that has 15 or less participants will be 80/20
(Venue fee is for all people who plan to play games, if you don?t intend to play in a tourney but plan to casual all day you will be asked to pay venue. If you plan to just come and watch then no need to pay.)

Setup will begin at 10am so come down to casual until the start of the tournament. Sign ups till 12 noon.

Start Times: (tentative)

BBCS @ 1:00
Naruto @ 2:00
TvC @ 2:00
MBAA @ 3:00
GGAC @ 4:00

Also, for the TvC players, we will be holding the qualifiers for the SoCal v NorCal SCR Tourney at BT! THe qualifier will be a Round Robin Tournament and the matches will be first to 5 format! There are 3 spots left open on the team so the top 3 placers of the RR will take those spots! We will hold the qualifier directly after the actual tournament, so be prepared to play a lot of matches & bring your A game if you want to take out NorCal!

All games will be 2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches ( with exception of Naruto which will be 3/5 rounds)
Semi and Grand will be 3/5 Matches
Appropriate time limit for each game
Winner Keeps same character, Loser may change
Stage selection will be random for all games

Naruto: CONR3
All game crashing glitches are banned
Obstacles Off
Stage Transitions Off
Kiba/Kankouro are banned

All Characters are allowed
If fire stage is chosen, both players may agree to change it

Cliff & Justice are banned
Gold & EX Characters are banned

Melty Blood:
Arch: Earth is banned

All characters allowed (PS3 only unless Valk becomes available for 360 by the time of the tourney)

This is a B.Y.O.C event! The venue is not responsible for any controllers that are lost or stolen! TV’s and setups would be a big help!


Equipment Needed:

3x LCD monitors (preferably evo monitors)
3x 360/PS3 (including appropriate cables/hdmi etc and game with unlocked characters)


  1. Spidey - evo moitor

Console Setup

  1. Spidey - xbox/BBCS (assuming valk is available)
  2. RaYzYrbYrn - ps3/BBCS

3x CRTs
3x PS2 (with game)


Console Setup

  1. RaYzYrbYrn - ps2/GGAC
  2. TheSadder - ps2/GGAC

3x CRT
3x PS2 (with game)


  1. Spidey - 27in CRT

Console Setup

  1. Spidey - ps2/MBAA

3x CRTs
3x Wii (combined setups for both games)


  1. RaYzYrbYrn - CRT

Console Setup

  1. RaYzYrbYrn - Wii/Nartuo/TvC and 2 Wii Sticks

These setups will be used solely for the games listed during causal and tournament time. Any extra equipment brought can be used strictly for casual setups. Those who can bring needed equipment I will provide coupons that can be used at the venue for free soda/energy drink/water/chips/candy etc .

Please let us know if you can help bring equipment


First posts updated!!


What side tourney would you participate in?.?

  1. Teams 2v2 or 3v3 in GG or BB
  2. Teams 2v2 or 3v3 in GG or BB Random Chars
  3. HnK
  4. Chaos Breakers (should someone be able to bring it)
  5. GG Isuka teams or FFA
  6. GG or BB EX/Unlimited chars only

All tourneys would be 1$ entry, single-elimination provided there are enough people who want to participate.

Let us know if there is any interest in random small side events that we can setup in advance. We would like to run 2 side events. Please give us some feedback.


Really wtf about TvC. Why are you doing first to 5? It is only like 5 people playing for this I think or 6. Well it will be more points than normal. I do not know why first to 5 but oh well.


Looking forward to this event.


I am happy to see that this is going to be the tourney that decides team socal. I vote for #4. Chaos Breakers, because it is the shit!!

And might I add that after watching the SBR stream, I have to say that 2/3, or even 3/5 is a little too random for me at high levels. I think that tourneys need to go to longer sets, or just first to 5. Just make the buy in larger so only really good cofident players play.

So I am happy to see a race to five format for something as important as a regional team.


Jint, Rayzyrbyrn, and I all agreed on this format. It’s not too short, nor is it very long, but all players will get in a good number of games. While there is no entry fee for the qualifier, what will be put at stake for the 5 vs. 5 is something to consider. Each player has to put up a minimum of $25 to enter (for a team minimum total of $125). The winning team gets the cash pot as well as other another goody that will only be told to people who actually make the final cut (unless you already know what I’m talking about).


… :bluu: Wish I could go this Saturday, but I have to work that day. :grrr:


what ever happened to this tournament?