Burout Revenge coming out soon (awsome)

Burnout Revenge hits us a couple of weeks into september. I for one will be getting my copy on the day of release. Burnout 3 IMO is one of the best live games I’ve ever played.

So guys if you want a fast paced arcade racer in your own home thenthere is no alternative. I am not a racin game fan but burnout is just easy to pick up and play.

I remember these SRKers playin burnout 3 when it was released

Captin Ryu (scoot/ Mr Hadoken)
Young Hav
plus others I cant remember at the mo

Anyway I hope to see all the above plus some new heads once this arrives.


If Singho and you play it bass, that’s good enough for me. I know lots of peeps who want it anyway, so I’ll probably end up buying it regardless :tup:

I’m still playing Burnout3 to this day. Game is too much fun online :tup:

I’ll be picking up Burnout Revenge the day it comes out (on Xbox).

Dunno if i’ll pick up the Xbox360 version (of Revenge) in 2006, depends on if they add 1080i resolution, and enough extras.

i think ill be picking this game up when it releases :tup:

i played burnout 3, but that was b4 i was on srk lol

Cant wait. Burnout 3 was wicked, and the online play was real fun. When this game comes out, you can best believe youll see me online.

Nice name, btwnastradamus

Nice to see some of you guys will be getting this, when the game is released I’ll send you guys an FR or you can send me one and we can crack some joke while racing around like loony’s with non srkers lol

Criterion are behind on their deadline and are looking for 15-20 new artists to help finish the title. Might get pushed back a few weeks/month, they dont know for sure yet.

Personally Im going to give this game a miss. Im waiting for PGR3 and Im pretty content with WE9 for the next few months or so.

The bringer of bad news dammit, nah thanks for the facts damn you. PGR is to serious for me, I just wanna destroy things and do some racin.

Guys a see this game at work called 187 Ride or Die, looks good, racin and shootin. Anyone know if this game is woth gettin for the online play, idea sounds simple and fun. P

Nah, it’s a pretty crummy game. I dunno what it would be like online but I wasn’t very impressed by it. Bass, you should PM me a list of your Live games man.

I just got back from the shops after buyin my copy of 187, I got Naz n GGM around at the mo for some 3s, so I’ll give it a shot later.

PS - Naz is Rubbish

i played the demo of revenge, and it is freaking awsome. some minor complaints that i had will most likely be fixed by release. like if you rearended a pedestirian car, it just made them go faster, like a bullet… no damage to your car. of course, that opened up the possibility to use cars as projectile wepons, but id rather that be fixed.

They’re not going to fix that. Thats called “Checking” and is one of the biggest changes to Revenge. Better get used to it.

You can only damage your car by hitting oncoming traffic or huge vehicles (busses etc), or if a regular car is checked into you. Or regular Takedowns like the last game.

What’s coming to 360 is Burnout4. I don’t think it’s due till at least Summer.

I don’t think I’ll be lining up at the door but I’m pretty sure I’ll end up getting Revenge.

-Bean I

Revenge is Burnout4.

Revenge comes out on 360 in early 2006 (date isnt set yet), with better graphics (higher resolution), sound and more modes and tracks to play. Check Gamespot and IGN for details.

why dont we just keep playing(or buy)BO3!? its cheaper & it keeps money out of the evil EA hands! :tup:

i do NOT like that :tdown:

Picked the game up earlier today, and I just finished playing about 5 straight hours of it.

This game is too good. In every respect.

Shizz man it aint out here till the 23rd I believe, anyway I’m waiting

heard this game sucks!+ this true?!
+as in not as good as 3

Just walked home with my copy, will be trying it online. Anyone from here wanna play?
Just send me an FR