Burst into Super

Who’s good idea was this?

^^^It’s not like it’s universal… It only really applies most OTG supers, and then most characters have some damaging stuff in the corner off the mega crash.

In TvC, you just have to know when it’s better not to attack, even when given the opportunity to do so looks tempting.

Here’s an example: your back against corner w/< 2 meters, trying punish a vulnerable opponent (i.e. unsafe attack on block) with 2 or more meters. Retaliating with normal or special attacks will only get you mega crashed in the corner into damage. Your best options are:

-Instant super with little to no start-up time (for canned damage, but only if you have meter to spare). Opponent cannot mega crash out of super once any part of the super connects.

-Jumping/Super jumping your way out of corner. No damage done to yourself or to opponent, but you relieve yourself from corner pressure for the time being.

Understand how you can use mega crash to your advantage and it becomes less scary.

Good shit flush.

Like he said, being in the corner in TvC is scary. Outside of the corner, getting crashed isn’t a threat from most characters. If you are in the corner, first thing you should do is get out, not try to combo someone and get crashed. It’s something you have to learn in order to play this game at a high level.