Bushdio blade at evo

At Evo I plan to do a series of EPIC money matches. The game will be Bushido Blade. It will be a best to 5 and 20$ a game. It is open to all chalengers, and I’am hoping to get it on the big screen. I really hope the communoity backs me. This game has potential. My question is will we be able to make a bracket or a tournament for it during the event? Not all the matches have to be money matches but I’d like to be able to.

I know I can beat every Bushido Blader on this planet.

Yes! Bushido Blade 1 > Bushido Blade 2

You can’t beat me. Black Lotus + Rapier = BIRNG TEH ARPE ALL DAY SON :mad:

…But I won’t be going due to military soon :confused:

FT5 is too quick. FT10 is better.


What makes 1 better than 2? Honest question, hoping for details.

Psh, Rapier Black Lotus ain’t that great, just a one-trick pony for dudes who can’t counter his shit, he’s like Lariat-spamming Gief.
Short Sword Tatsumi/Sledgehammer Kannuki/Nodaichi Utsusemi are all much better, seriously.
SS Tatsumi makes Rapier Black Lotus look like 3s Sean.

Also, I challenge anyone to Destrega money matches.
90-100% damage midscreen loop with Couger, so free.

Mostly the actual gameplay interface, character unlock being tedious, and a little bit of nostalgia influencing the general consensus. The gameplay, for instance, changed dramatically. The way to block is to try and literally hit your opponent’s attack away instead of a block button. and instead of 3 attack buttons, there is only 2, making “mixups” a lot more one-dimensional. Also, stance changing is just a single button, so the great trick in the first game, of being able to jump attack into stance change, has been removed, and instead of being able to choose either high or low from mid stance, you have to cycle through low into high. Unfortunately, a lot of counter attacks had to be from changing stances quickly, so that aspect is gone. And instead of torso shots having a 50/50 chance of killing, they just slow down your opponents attack speed, and attacking their legs doesn’t gimp them anymore, and instead just reduces their movement speed. On the plus side, there’s throws in BB2.

Think of it as the jump from pre-SF3 Street Fighter to 3s.
Some people will think that it adds immeasurable amounts of depth by selectively simplifying and elaborating a lot of gameplay features and removing key elements of the previous game, while others will think that their straying so far from the solid foundations of the original ended up ruining what could have been a proper expansion.

Oh wow. Thanks for the answer, man!!

This needs to be on the stream so bad.

The other saving grave of BB2 was that it had shitloads of characters. Everyone from 1 (except the true boss I believe) and a lot of noobs. If only they left the rest of the shit from 1 alone it would have been bananas.

I still don’t know what the 2 Kubuki clown characters look like. Gotta beat Slash Mode without dying in both schools, but eh I guess I kept whoring Nightstalker/Tony Umeda for DAT TYME.

Kannuki sledgehammer = just spam Circle lol

No, you’re right, I just wanted to use a “bring the rape” joke there. Katana Utsusemi is boss.




This video is awesome, especially towards the end. Watch the entire thing.