Bushido Impact International SSF4 18-19/12/2010 - France - Paris


Bushido Impact DECEMBER will feature a 3v3 and a solo tournament. At the moment the 3v3 is set for December 18th and the solo tournament is set for the 19th.

If you want to come to this, don’t sit on it and wait until prices go up. The time to book is NOW!

You want to enjoy the room as a priority and receive more than 3 hours 00 freeplay with more than 32 positions before the start of the tournament? So, pay your registration now! All players who are paid their entry fee before December 14 deadline will come into the room in advance which will be open from 8 am 00 am!
Festival Programme:

  • Date: 18th & 19th December 2010

  • Location: 11 Cour Debille 75011 Paris

  • Saturday, December 18 team (3 vs. 3)

  • Sunday, December 19 simple
    Cash Prize:

Tournament team (3 vs. 3) 64 teams:
1st / 60% 806 EUR
2ème/30 EUR 403%
3éme/10% 134 euros
Tournament Single / Solo 256/128 participants:
1st / 60% Euro 1536 - 1 / 60% EUR 768
2ème/30% EUR 768 - 2nd / 30% 384 EUR
3éme/10% 256 euros - 3rd / 10% 128 EUR

By subway, take line 9 and get off at station “Voltaire”. It is 2 minutes walk.
(See the map) http://www.le2001.com/Plan% 20d% 27acces.htm
Photos of the room: Photos du Billard Club Le 2001 et du NEXT STEP


  • The entrance fee is 20 euros and it will give access to the room during the two days.
    (I recall that every person who has paid the right to enter shall be provided with a badge)

  • For those who want to make all the tournaments that cost you ? 37 (price includes entrance fee, the 3vs3 and simple).

Singles Tournaments

  • Payment before the tournament date: 10 ?
  • Pre-registration and payment on site: 12 ?
  • No pre-registration and payment on site: 14 ?

3vs3 tournament:

  • Payment before the tournament date: 7 ? per person
  • Pre-registration and payment on site: 9 ? per person
  • No pre-registration and payment on site: 11 ? per person

Pre-registration will be very soon on the new site Bushido Impact. Attention to pre-register to become registration must pay the participation fees paid before the day of the tournament following the registration process below.

Several payment options are possible:
1 - You can also send a check to the following address: “Lotfi Kendel 5 Impasse de la Motte Picquet 95190 Goussainville” in order “Bushido Impact”

2 - Paying your place to store Hobby One 15 boulevard voltaire 75011 Paris. Metro: Oberkampf (Republic) and this every day except Wednesday from Monday, September 20, 2010.

3 - You can also pay by credit card via Paypal, it must already have an account with them. The tournament fee is increased by the commissions taken by Paypal. See table below, thank you not to forget to address this committee.

4 -
Entry - Commissions - Total
? 20 - ? 0.93 - ? 20.93
? 10 - ? 0.59 - ? 10.59
Remember that if you make a payment for several tournaments this increase is reflected on every registration.

When your Paypal payment in the commentary to specify your username and or tournaments (x) what (s) you participate.
Paypal address: zocko-roronoa@hotmail.fr

will this be streamed, and if so, where can we check it out. Chi-rithy is gonna go to this tourney, and we want to support him!

I heard Gamerbee was going to be there? A lot of international caliber players like Louffy, Starnab, Chi-Rithy and Gamerbee.

I hope you guys have a stream and post the stream link everywhere. Like on shoryuken.com main page for example. Big tourney deserves big numbers of viewers.

**Si le stream est en français ca me convient aussi **:smiley:

Is this being streamed? Is alioune attending?

Alioune will normally play tomorrow (saturday) in the same team as Gamerbee.

Will this be streamed? I’d like to see some of the top european players.

Ca me convient en francais aussi

stream link!!!
someone show this to keits so he can front page it please
own3D - Bushido Impact - Livestream

good stream and hype commentary I like :smiley:

**edit 2: Keits has informed me that it is up to a Bushido Impact person to add a stream themselves using the “add a stream” button. Neither Keits nor any other admin has any control over it, only a Bushido Impact person can do it. **

Also, if a person officially associated with Bushido Impact sent a message to a SRK admin telling them what Bushido Impact is, which well-known players are attending, how many players are registered (close to 200?), location and schedule of stream, it’s possible that the SRK admin will make an article on the main shoryuken.com page to help publicize the event.

Tell me them that:

Bushido Impact is an international caliber tournament held in Paris, France. Notable players attending include Gamerbee, Luffy, Starnab, Chi-Rithy, Ryan Hart and Alioune who beat Gamerbee in a FT10 set. There are close to 200 players in attendance. Include stream link and schedule for the singles tournament tomorrow.

Very good tournament so far the European players are VERY good. Hope to see them at Evo this year.

Also the French commentator is AWESOME

Thanks for this info Necro, I have put the info up. I am here on the press table in Paris. I also have some videos going up on my youtube: YouTube - Hakf’s Channel

We also had a 10v10 after the 3v3 - France vs Rest of The World. My uploads are from that

is this tournament still happening, or are the results up anywhere?

Hope to see some Americans come to Europe!

Any results for this tourney yet?

Results :

**3v3 Tournament **

1/ Alioune (Cammy) - Gamerbee (Adon) - Cuongster (Honda)
2/ Luffy (Rose) - Evans (Fei-Long) - Renegad (Boxer)
3/ 2Pac (C.Viper) - Yox (Juri) - Gagapa (Dictator)

Solo tournament

1/ Gamerbee (Adon)
2/ Luffy (Rose)
3/ Evans (Fei-Long)

10v10 exhibition - France vs Rest of the World :

Team France

Alioune (Cammy)
Starnab (Fei)
Luffy (Rose)
Evans (Fei)
Renegad (Boxer)
2pac (Viper)
Gagapa (Dictator)
Cuongster (Honda)
Yox (Juri)
Yamazaki93 (Ryu)

Team Rest of the World

Gamerbee (Adon)
Ryan Hart (Ryu)
F-Word (Ibuki)
V-Ryu (Makoto)
Fuma (Gouki)
Kenpachi (Ryu)
Afii (Guile)
Slizzle (Fei)
Zoro Blad (Adon)
Andreas (Rufus)

Team rest of the world won 10-8, ended by Andreas who beat Yamazaki93, Luffy and Alioune in a row. Gamerbee didn’t play ^^’

Check out Worstgiefever’s yt channel (hakf) for footages of this exhibition, especially the Vryu vs 2pac match which were one of the best moment of the week-end :wink: