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Hello. I’m new around here and the reason why I signed up is to just have some opinions on a business I’m planning to make. The reason why I went to the interwebs instead of asking other people in real life is because i don’t want anyone to know my plan.

Anyway. I’m professionally a Health Fitness instructor. What I do is teach an exercise class to overweight people who are trying to lose allot of weight. Now this is a difficult job because fat people move slow, they smell, are easily emotional and above all, burn really slow.Now, i’m down to my 3rd month with my class and not one of them managed to drop about 8 pounds. I gave them a diet plan and made some health shakes to help them, but it’s not doing much. It’s getting me frustrated.

Now, my Uncle (who lives with me) used to be a fat guy who dramatically became skinny as hell. I later discover his secret by finding a briefcase under his bed that had packs of cocaine and other drugs in it. So because of that I built my idea on selling this to my students and other fat people who are desperate to lose weight. Sure, i’m not going to sell a pack to them… I’m thinking of maybe mixing the crack with the diet shakes I make for them. I mean, why not use Crack to fight obesity? We know that people end up skinny just by doing that, and sure it’s dangerous but not if I make sure they are not abusing it as much.

Do you think this will work?


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>dont want anybody to know my plan

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