Business Suit Balrog, baby!

Just wanted to know if anyone else got the Shadowloo Costume Pack. Best. Looking. Balrog. Ever.

Balrog for the 3rd time in a roll has the Best Alt. EVER!!!

I’m a Dudley mainer and hell I was considering picking him up as one of my alts. Now I am.

Its very nice, and you also get the awesome costume with it that I think was great. Never really liked the thug alt. but gonna be repping this one

Thug? you mean pimp?

Its not business suite its like a 1920’s pin stripe mobster outfit which makes it even better LOL. That shit is so sick!!

To be honest I never liked ANY of the street fighter alts except for a few exceptions like ryu’s torn gi (quite a good alt imo) Other than some very few exceptions like that I’ve usually felt that the original costumes looked the best. Most have been down right unimaginative and lame to be honest… UNTIL NOW. Balrog’s pinstripe ganster suit is just amazing. I’ll still probably use the original light blue workout clothes with classic red gloves but i’m very seriously thinking of giving capcom my 3 bucks just for making such a great alt! In other news…check out my petition for a “Mike” Alt

x2, I was actually browsing the PS STORE, and decided to check the new outfits, BALROG’S is without a doubt the best one of them all, funny thing is I was ready to buy them, only to realize I only had $2.50 on my account, time to get them cards, lol

Apollo Creed rog is classic
Hated “R.Kelly” Rog

“Dick Tracy” rog is def the best

It’s my favourite Alt of all the released costumes so far.

Love it. The entire pack was actually really good overall. Only bad one was Sagat’s.

Now how in the hell do you figure ‘GOT PAID’ Rog is R. Kelly?

that shit is strait pimping son… corn rows… everything. I wanna piss on you look alike to me. LOL


His alt 2 is the motherfucking business

His pin stripe American gangsta outfit is also the motherfucking business.

Rog handles his motherfucking business.

Rog is simply the motherfucking business.

lmfaoooooooo forgot about the cornrows

balrog is mob

i’m loving the new alt, but i’m hating the color choices. the only one that looks clean is the first color

Businessman? Am I the only one who thinks of Al Capone when he sees the costume? That costumes the best in the game by far.

Definately think of Al Capone with it - Old-School Gangster, none of this “Dam’ I fogot mah brief case, imma punch you in the tits!” nonsense.

All he needs now is a baseball bat and Ryu’s kneecap… Not that he’d need a baseball bat, mind.

You mean in a row right?