Bust A Move, Puzzle De Pon, whatever you want to call it

Not trying to say I’m that good at the game but I’m not lying when I say I haven’t played someone better than me. I prefer Puzzle De Pon since its more speed oriented and the objective is to get to the top while Bust A Move is more combo oriented with the objective more to fill your opponents side up with marbles to the bottom.

IMO, I think more people play puzzle de pon on score mode then to fill the other persons screen up as they can just abuse the delay when they break the blocks and yeah. I have my n64 hooked up just to play pokemon puzzle league every once in awhile.

I LOVE POKEMON PUZZLE LEAGUE…that game is SOO beast lol

me and my brother literally froze the game playing on 3D for like an hour in 1 round =P

its SOOOOO fun lol :tup:

Damn you can abuse delay on puzzle games?

Online is a dangerous epidemic affecting all games.

lol. thats news to me. anyway, im me if you wanna play

What I meant by delay is the delay after you break up garbage blocks, it breaks down slowly showing you whats about to drop so you can change the top to match it when it falls to break it and cause a chain.

IMO, Score mode shows whos the more skilled player. Pure chain combos ftw.
And yeah, I love pokemon puzzle league lol. Especially the pokemon’s warcry when you start chaining it up haha. HYPNO…HYPNOO…HYPNOOOOOO…HYPNOO…HYPNOO…you know your about to get mindfuck when you keep hearing that bitch haha

i like puzzle bobble more, you have to keep an eye on your opponent’s side while maintaining your own.

puzzle de pon not panel de pon

I never look at my opponent’s side. I just go all out on my side.

the objective is this: flood your opponent’s side with crap

the mix up is this: you mass up crap that would detach easily to flood your opponent, if your opponent sends a “one liner”, it ll block out your mass of crap, delaying its detachment. a good strategy is to build a mass of crap while creating smaller “instant offensive crap” that can be sent as soon as you notice your opponent needs to make 1 shot to send alot of crap(usually a thick ball of crap ready to be detached by a thin line, “trick shots”), this way you stop his crap while building on your own huge crap to flood him.