Busted TvC stick PCB, can I still install an Akishop PS360 board?

Short story short, out of curiosity, I took a lot of my TvC stick apart, and more or less may have messed with the PCB to the point it’s not really usable. I was planning on gutting it however, and using it as a case for a PS360 stick using the Akihabarashop PCB. I was wondering if I could still wire a guide and home button through the panel?

I was looking at miniature buttons to put where the old home and turbos were, and there’s the SW-030s that say they’re 12mm which seems to be the clearance of the old buttons. Are those kind of button screw ons and would they snugly fit in the panel?

I’m not really caring toooooo much about how ghetto the stick looks. Just so long as it works~

Yes, you can use the TvC stick as a case. You can use any SPST-type buttons you like, and if SW-030 buttons will fit the holes, you can certainly use them. Simply, connect one side to ground, and the other side to turbo/home. But, you mean using the buttons on the turbo panel? First (despite the PCB being broken), I would try connecting the VCC to the VCC of the TvC stick, Ground to ground, and then try connecting the buttons to Guide and turbo of the panel.