Hey guys.

I like Zero. I like how he plays, but I can’t figure out how to make his buster work in combos.

You have to hold down H to use it right? How do you charge it while still doing the combo?


You can hold any button. You can switch which button you are holding as long as you hold a new button before releasing the first. This allows you access to all of your buttons in combos.

I’m having this problem too. How do I make good use of it? So far the only thing I really do as Zero is L M H H forward S MM H S rekkouhah. I’ve seen people do something different can’t get it down.

Well you can use it to start combos and extend combos. In Vanilla it was also used to end combos, but with the nerf of hard knockdown and hit stun deterioration you’re better off using the buster early unless you have an assist that along you to use it a 2nd/3rd time at the end of the combo. Ex: Dante’s (Jam Session), Spencer’s (Slant Shot).

Zero can go anywhere from 700k to 1 mil in damage off one meter now. I highly suggest you learn some buster stuff.

If you’re just learning buster combos just do, L(hold L)MH FH S and then continue you combo from there.

Give me something basic involving the buster. I just can’t get the basic idea down.

Also: I’ve been hitting with L then holding it through the entire combo. L is a good combo starter.

These combos seem impossible to do without a fightstick.

@DreadAlert I’ve found mapping L to a trigger on the xbox controller (or to L2/R2 on the PS3) is a good way of getting it to charge without having to keep switching what your thumb is holding down, if that could help you in any way. What you do from there if you need any light attacks I dont know, I’m only just starting to get these combos myself…I also just find myself doing sL sM sH fH S jM jM jH jS Rekkoha :S

You can always set a shoulder button to attack so you can charge “easily” with a pad.

Edit: I had not seen the post above yet. >_< I also find myself doing easier combos using assists.

I’ll give my personal notation for doing combos. I’ll do the only combo I know. This is from Vanilla. It should still work in ultimate.

-l means light, m means medium, h means hard, d means down, u means u, t or f means towards

-Essential:To do a charge interchange, hold one attack, then while still holding the first button hold the second one. Once the second one is depressed, keep holding it from now on, and release the first button you were holding. When you do this, you interchange the button you are charging allowing Zero maintains his charge indefinitely no matter what buttons are done in the combo.

-All buttons are taps unless I say otherwise.
-If I say charge a button, I mean hold it till I say to release it’s charge or charge interchange.
-If I don’t say charge a button, assume it’s to be tapped.
-If I say something like m,h, assume I said tap m, then tap h. Any relevant pauses will most likely be brought up
-I will note if a release shoots the buster.
-All interchanges are assumed to hit unless said otherwise.

This is all one combo. I’m dividing it into chunks and placing the charge interchanges in their own line.

1]jump h[optional],
2]charge[and hit with]l from a crouch,
3]Chain into dm, dh,

4]immediate f+charge interchange to h[from l],
5]pause till the attack animation expires…

6]Charge interchange to l[from h],
7]Chain into m,then h. Chain into a…

8]f+charge interchange to h[from l], chain into a…
9]special, tap up, m,m, end hard charge to fire buster

10]pause slightly, f,d,d+f+l
11]start mashing s to relaunch,
12]tap up, m,m,h,s, qcf+2 attacks.

Edited to fix interchange error.

This is out of the MvC3 Fate of 2 worlds Bradygames guide. I just wrote it differently.

Another way to think about it is in algebraic/mathematical form.

Capitalized letters are charged buttons to be held till I tell you to subtract it. All others are to be subtracted [released] immediately after they’re hit [tapped].

This is all one combo. It’s the same one earlier. I changed the notation scheme slightly.

1] D+L[start charging D and L], m, h, Minus D[release crouch],
2] f+H[Charge this H], Minus L[release this], pause,
3] +L, Minus H[release this],
4] m, h, f+H[Charge this H],
5] s, tap up, m, m, release H[shoot buster], f,d,df+l, pause, land,
6] s, u, m, m, h, s, land,
7] qcf+a+a

I most likely would be able to do these combos without one. I mean, I did this one here without one. I don’t use my right thumb to hit the buttons. I use my right index for l and s, and my middle finger for m and h. My ring is used for a2. When done this way, you don’t need a fight stick. That said, I’m intending to get a fight stick. That probably won’t happen though.

If you’re on a pad, map a trigger to L.

IMO, the best button to hold is m. When doing combos, interchange whatever way is most comfortable to you. I suggest weakest with strongest during combos, but m with the others should work as well. If I want access to both my h and l, outside of combos, that’s what I use.

BTW, I use a pad with no extra buttons mapped. actually, I turn some off. If you use the pad, NEVER use only 1 button to hit your face buttons on the pad. Use a minimum of 2. It works so much better that it’s unreal. While your thumb [or in my case index finger] is holding l, my other fingers could be doing just about anything. Only my assist 2 is hard to hit. I could easily map that to L2 if I want.

I unified the information on how to use charges that was in this post with my previous one.

If you’re new to Zero, just hold L down and forget it even exists, you should hold it down at ALL TIMES, except when shooting a buster.

When you’re used to hold L and use it only for busters, then you proceed to learning how to switch buttons…

even advanced Zero players are holding L like 90% of the time… just use it as a golden rule while you get used to it… Hold that Light Attack down forever.

Here’s a simple one (square brackets will denote a “held” button):

[L]MH,f+H,S j.MM[H]S, land, j.qcf+M xx Buster (Release H), air dp+L, HS, j.MMHS, Rekkoha

To break this down, I hold L when I start the combo, but when I get to the first jumping [H], I switch to holding H and release L after I’ve started holding it. I do this because I find it makes the following part easier, though you really can do it by holding L the whole time. I actually find switching to H is easier, but do whatever works best for you. After the first air MMHS you will be back on the ground next to your opponent. Immediately jump and input qcf+M/H (either works). At this point, if you did the whole combo I laid out, you will have a level 3 buster charged. Cancel the qcf+M with the buster by releasing the buster button immediately after the QCF+M connects (I do mean immediately, the point is to stay in the air). After the buster recovers, immediately perform an air dp+L to take you to the ground, and hit the opponent with lightning. You can then use H,S to relaunch, and finish with a standard ender from there.

Once you get more advanced/comfortable, you can loop this twice by holding the [L] at the air dp+[L] part of the combo, land, HS, air MM[H]S, land, j.qcf+M xx Buster (release H), dp+L, and then run your combo from there.

This isn’t the worst advice, but I wouldn’t tell Zero players to give up their fastest normals on the ground. At 4 frames, Zero’s c.L is one of the fastest low attacks in the game, and very good for initiating offense up close. In a lot of places where c.M will get stuffed, c.L will hit, so the moral is that new Zero players shouldn’t give up on solid ground attacks for an easy catch-all for buster charging.

Buster is also 4-frame startup.

Isn’t Zero neat?

from my experience, Zero’s mid attacks are the best overall pokes, they’re fast and have a LOT of reach for mids…
if people are so close in your face that you’ll have to strike them with Ls then you’re doing it wrong… you can always just release buster while guarding or something if you desperately need that L… but I doubt it… there’s very little things that L could accomplish that won’t be just done better by M or Buster.

Zero MUST have buster charged (or charging to spam lv1 busters) at all times, that’s not even arguable imo, if your zero isn’t charging buster all the time, chances are you suck with him. So you must give up one button in the neutral game, L happens to be the best choice most of time…

Mids are the best ground pokes, H is the best air poke, you cannot hold S down (or I would for sure :P) the best scenario is probably one where you could hold H in the ground and L in the air at almost all times, but it won’t be possible to jump and switch buttons without doing nothing… so this is not really possible.

giving up L can be a problem, giving up Buster is just unthinkable.