Now, as you can tell by my avatar, I like Ryo. In fact, I more or less like everybody who has gone through the Art of Fighting team in KOF, be it Yuri, Takuma, Robert or King (not so much King). So really…I like the Kyokugen style.

But now, I am offended. I just started playing Garou and I SEE BUTT. BUTT! He uses my favorite SNK character’s fighting style, almost identically, and is quite possibly one of the lamest characters in the history of fighting games (for me, he’s on the same level as Bao and Dan). Does anybody else dislike this? Why couldn’t they just throw in an older, though still-cool, Ryo? Or just throw together a kid who uses it?


Well you know how it works…K. Butt/Marco Rodriguez follows the typical teacher has new student etc…Ken-Sean…

Talk to my boy Diirt_Kicker…he will have something to say as Mr. Butt is his avatar…:rofl:

I wouldn’t call his f + A lame hehe

Butt is awesome!

why the hell is his name butt

I don’t know. Why didn’t they just make him into a slightly older Ryo?

I want to lock this thread but at the sametime I dont want to lock this thread just to see the responses.

you know…in japan his name is marco rodriguez. not that it really helps since here his name is butt…i just need something to add.



I read somewhere that his name was changed because there was a martal artist called Marco that was at a dojo near the SNK california building.

man, i was so hype when i read the name of this thread

Butt blows the other Garou characters out of the water.

Jesus what happened to your rep all of a sudden???

Don’t mess with the Raging Negro 70’s Hairdo, you asswipe. :arazz:

Now you understand my pain.

Pompodore tier:

God - Marco/Butt
Top - Conan Obrien
Uppermid - Ricky (trailer park boys)

Tell me… when this happens, are there bubbles?

I always wondered but was/is he suppose to be brazilian? I figure with the name Marco Rodriguez. I also thought maybe he was suppose to be dominican or puerto rican but then again, knowing the japanese, he might be a darkskin mexican. :rofl:

Racist indeed. I personally love the fact that he’s black. Him and big are my two favourite SNK characters. I love the way he blows his shirt up when he flexes, the hair, the way he pulls his board out of no where etc.

That and you only have to do f+A c.C dp+C break qcf+C once to realize that Marco Rodriguez is a fucking champ. Neither Ryo nor Robert could do that.