Butter&bread combo and others

I tried to use Jump.hk->c.mp.->fk
I know I must charge db when guile in the air but i can’t do fk immediately to be 3 combo. Like I charge not enough to do combo.
and other combo in trial eg. jump.hp->s.hp->sb or EX.sb
If i can do these combo, opponent can’t block, right?

please help me to solve
I want to play guile very well

For these combos if you pause between the jump in and the second hit you will give yourself more time to charge.

Please posts questions like this one in the appropriate thread next time. This question should’ve been asked in the combo thread.

There’s a stickied Guile combo thread that you should check out, it’s very helpfull. Yes, that’s what a combo is, once you hit with one attack and continue properly, the opponent will not be able to block the rest of the moves.

For the combo you’re asking you can do db or just down or df, it’s just a down charge that you need. Similar with booms, you just need a backwards charge.

This is all execution so just practice in the practice mode. Make sure to charge down as soon as you press up to jump and keep holding, don’t start thinking about the FK now, as that’s what I used to do and then pulled it out to quick. The FK comes after the c.mp so make sure you see Guile throw his c.strong out and then immediately do “up + kick”. You want the FK to come out after he throws the punch but before he retracts his hand. Timing and execution = practice mode.

  • it’s also called bread and butter btw.

Jump and then start charging, don’t wait until you’re even more than a few inches off the ground.

Perhaps i can chargedown before jump hk then charge again to do combo like fk->double fk?
i doubt player when he uses finger to do this combo.

practice gave me the answer. key is what been said. immediate down charge when u leave the ground for the jump. good luck

i’ve been getting off the crouching/standing lights into fierce punch combos pretty well today. i think they are very useful but difficult to master. plus i’ve been using j.hk, cr.mp, fk much, much more than ever before.

a useful one is j.lk cr.lp x3 into l.fk. the good thing about this is if you miss the fk timing you will still hit with a lk. unlike the combo in the above paragraph, it completely hits on crouching opponents.

what i’ve figured for my guile was just to simply right after press up toward immediately press down then j.hk wait to see guiles feet hit the ground cr.mp fk.

You can also do a longer combo.
For instance you can do c.lp X2 . c.MP xx Flashkick.

It’s not more easy to pop that combo because of the 1 frame link .But might be easier for some ppl than always charging each time you jump and you’re 1 inch from the ground.

Or you can do c lp X 3 … But that going to freak out your dmg (Dmg scaling for the sauce) .

I had also a bad habit of always using Light Flashkick.

Oh and finnally … 1 % of the guile player online can perform these combo.So don’t feel bad when you screw up … arcade playah screw up without lag so you will with lag.

I have another super pimp advice for you.Online when i’m trying to do any random flashkick or even a xx flashkick from a jump in and i’m not sure it’s gonna connect due to lag.I always make sure to have 2 nice sweet and yummy ex bar in case.

Plus anyway … You don’t want to jump too much with guile.Jumping it’s such a bad habit anyway.Ok ok it’s work online sometime because of lag and punishing a bad jump -in can require some lag-o meter radar . But definitly don’t jump.


:crybaby: i want to have a real match sometime :crybaby: