Butteros Balls


The time has come to start making balls again with stick modding being back in full force. These will be available in 35 & 38 mm with standard m6 threading. Small initial release in the next week or so.




They look very nice. What’s the price point per ball? Same for all or is there a tier system?



Interested in 38mm. Are there unique color combos to create or just what’s pictured? I need some of that purp and electric pink on my shaft haha


Do you offer any 35mm ball tops that weigh 1.5 or more ounces?


They’re acrylic. I’ve never weighed them but I would venture to say they aren’t any heavier than a standard sanwa balltop.


I’ve got a few more than what’s pictured. This run is mostly marble patterns. Next run should have a bunch of different color pearls.


Any chance of fancy bat-tops? Those look awesome, but I’m not much of a ball-top user…


Once I move into my new house and get everything out of storage yes, there will be.


Everyone wants to play with butteroj’s balls. =)


I’m so up for a bat top, getting a fancy one seems a tough task


Yes please, I would love a custom battop as well.



How bout purple/electric pink marble. From the colors in those pics. That’s what I’m interested in if you can make that in 38mm.


And some wants to be playing with his battop

Including me… :smiley: :blush:


Any update on when these go on sale?


I sold most of them on IG and FB when SRK was down. I’ll post up what I have left shortly.


Awesome thanks.




35mm DBZ


How much for the blue/red one in the second picture?


Oooh DragonBall ones. Those are purrrrrty.
Too bad I’m not a ball-top user; I’d be all over one if I was.