Butteros housecleaning thread



As shown, no pcb. Sanwa buttons have Arceye 2’s installed

$150 shipped OBO

Dreamcast/Agetec combo w/ VGA box. 1hr usage on all. $125 shipped

PS3 Evo stick. Brand new never used. $145 shipped

Bubinga/maple case. - SOLD
PS2 SF pads. SOLD
PS360+ $SOLD
PS3 Hori Fighting Edge - Sold
PS3 SFxT VS - Sold


Would you be willing to sell that Agetec solo?


if the offer was right…


Too bad you don’t have any more of your bada$$ balltop’s (white swirl marble in particular) b/c I’d be all over that! GLWS!




Nuckingfuts, I do have white pearl balls left :slight_smile:


Would like both ps360+ boards. Sent you PM.


Is that a Japanese DC pad?


Cbeck your PM.


U have Pm good sir


All o.b.o.


Price drops


Would you part up that DC bundle? I have no need or want for an Agetec.


Sure would :slight_smile:


So it’s got a Jap DC pad and A VMU? and composite / ac plugs?
Price? sorry, I don’t like making my own price. If I had to though, $45 shipped? I know most of that cost is for that Agetec.


U have pm bro…


Dropped again. Buy me!


You still never answered my post… But w/e…
Thanks anyway.


Sorry. Didnt see it. $55 and its yours.


Buy me!!! All are obo