Button art (and switch)

Didn’t really know where to post this, but are the inner diameters for the translucent buttons on sanwa the same for seimitsu? For example, if I had sanwa button art, would the fit perfectly into the seimitsu? Also first time switching to seimitsu. Purchased the ps-14. Shouldn’t have to do anything extra than just connect them to the wires and press into the panel right? Thank again guys

Yes to both. If you cut your buttons for sanwa, just know that the inner diameter for the plunger is smaller than seimitsu by 1mm, but the art will still fit. If you don’t want the art to move, I’d recommend gluing them to the button.
As for the button swap, both accept the same type of quick disconnect and have the same sized terminal, so you shouldn’t worry about switching. The only thing different about the microswitch (other than the feel), is the orientation relative to the plunger tabs. If you place the buttons with the plunger tabs facing the same direction and the original, then you will notice that the terminals must be connected by rotating them 90 degrees from the original orientation.

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Hope this helps.

It does tremendously. Thanks a ton!