Button assignments for saturn pad -> dreamcast converter


hello all, my first ever post. been a long time reader.
please let me know if this is in the wrong section of the forum.

i’ve recently got a saturn to dreamcast controller converter. fired up a couple of street fighter games and i noticed that i can’t assign the z/c buttons on the pad to work. they all default to the shoulder buttons on the saturn pad since the DC controller does not have 6 face buttons. is there a way to fix this? mod the pad? what am i missing.
any info would be greatly appreciated.



I presume it doesn’t have a switch on the side ala total control plus? Buy a TC3.



I loooove this pad.:rolleyes:^>>^^ It’s a definite for the dreamcast! Sorry if this didn’t help to much. lol.


ok, i am ready to order. what does the switch do?


The total control plus for PS1 to DC controllers,had a switch that let you switch between L1/R1 to R1/R2 or steering wheel mode. I was asking if your current converter had one. If the TC3 has one, it’s probably for switching between controllers and twin stick mode.