Button auto "double-taps"

I’m using a stick given to me by a friend that uses concave buttons, and recently i’ve encountered a problem where the short button “double-taps” with one press. i’ve tested it in training modes and confirmed that this occurs maybe 1 out of 5 presses (sometimes at a higher rate). this is really annoying, especially when i’m playing magneto or something. any idea what the problem could be with the hardware?

I’ve had that problem before, and I don’t know the exact problem but I know it has to do with the Cherry microswitch. Try switching it out for another one and see if that fixes the problem.

It’s the vibration of the microswitch itself after pressing it. I’ve had this happen even with new cherry switches. The mad catz TE PCB uses capacitors on the signal lines to combat this problem.

i’m a nub when it comes to joystick hardware, is replacing buttons and microswitches easy and self-explanatory, or am i gonna screw myself over when i open this baby up. are there any how to tutorials online? I can’t find any, even on YOUTUBE

Before we can answer you need to open it up and take a picture and post it here. Swapping a iL/happ button switch is easy as long as the wires use crimped quick disconnects. It wont require tools so long as they didn’t solder the wires to the buttons.