Button box from a G27 shifter pcb


I’am currently in the progress of making a DIY F1 wheel for a Logitech G27, but i want to use the PCB from the shifter, there is 8 buttons and a D-Pad, giving me 12 buttons to place on the F1 wheel, plus 6 extra buttons that were on the original G27, the more buttons the merry, but i don’t wont to go OTP
and i just wondered if anyone from here as done such a thing? I can just go and buy a PCB build for DIY F1 wheels, but doing that only makes the wheel compatible with PC only, and doing it this way still lets me use it on the PS3.
I need help on where i can and cannot solder to, so any help will be greatly appreciated.

I will try get better pictures as soon as battery’s have charged for camera





The board looks to be common ground, meaning you only have to tap once for ground and just daisy chain the ground wire, making for easier wiring. Ideally, you could just tap from where the button contacts are and run those to the wheel.


Right after straining my eyes for a while and following tracks, notice they ground comes to 1 of 3 points, would it be ok to just daisy chain to one point or break it up and use more then one ground? i have marked out where i think ground run to, and so far soldered to the red lines



Tapping from one should work.