Button Checks?

With next years EVO right around the corner there will more than likely be 3 new games in the field. KOFXII, BB, and TVC all 3 of these games use 4 buttons there is going to be a whole lot of button checks and changes. I wonder how much time is wasted doing this? How could they save time?

362 days is indeed right around the corner…

Every game, every player, and every stick have different set ups. There is no exception to button checks to any specific game, be it 4 or 6 button layouts. Hince why before every match you see each player checking their layout. It happens regaurdless.


It’s necessary. All joysticks have different buttons assigned to different xbox/ps3 buttons.

Unless everyone starts making joysticks that are wired to the exact same buttons, we’ll have buttons checks.

button checks are very important becuase people have different mappings, even just Hori and the Madcatz sticks are different layouts, then you got the custom sticks too.

As someone mentioned the best solution is to have 2 separate match televisions/match setups connected to the big screen, so while one match is going on the players for the next match will be doing their button checks at the second setup. So the next match begins as soon as the last one ends, and so forth alternating between setups. You’ll save maybe 2 hours per day that way, and no time will be wasted on the big screen or the stream for button checks etc.

Seems like a simple fix, but its more complicated to keep switching between feeds each and every match. The tourny directors and other people involved have way to much other shit to worry about than constantly switching feeds back and forth between tvs every 2 min.

I was just wanting to brainstorm some ideas on how they could save time. The two screen is a good idea.

I was also noticing that there were quite a few people who had no idea how the PS3 functioned maybe there should be a zone expert who can lay the buttons out fast with the competitor telling them in advance the layout they use? It looked like Justin had someone else layout his buttons for him in the final and he did it real quick.

What I don’t understand is why if they have there buttons configured do they have to go back and load a fight and test them again???

What, you mean start a fight after the 20 seconds it takes to configure buttons? So you mean to basically start the match with different positioning, less time on the clock, and potentially less health if one player got hit during button testing. Fuck that.

People check buttons no matter what game. Every sf4 match did button checks. There will be no difference between next year and this year. This thread is dumb.

I think you misunderstood, they go and change there buttons in the screen to the way they want them. Then they go back and start a fight, perform some combos, some people fought out both rounds testing combos in the process. Is all that necessary? There should be someone there, especially on the stream speeding that process up. Plus you could tell there was quite a few in the early stream who have never touched a PS3, so they were restarting the game and stuff because they messed something up, there could be like a tech who just monitors and speeds up the process to start the fight, a lot of stalling…

The misc playing out the rounds was sorta pointless.

Hit your six buttons and signal that you’re ready to go. All the people doing combo videos and whatnot were just extending the match.

It would help if games were designed with HD remix style button configuration where you press the button you want to allocate. SFIV’s way is just way too tedious where you’re scrolling until you find the proper button to Allocate to a certain punch/kick strength.

That extra time would also benefit pad players who have a harder time mapping.

Try to think about how much time is wasted through each button check…multiply that by how many matches were played at Evo (or any tournament).

The designers of the game need to put in slightly more attention to things like this. How about after the players choose their characters but before you enter into the match, you can hold “select” or “back” and it’ll display the button config screen – much like Super Turbo for the SNES. Come on now, this stuff isn’t new.

Also, the SF4 button config screen is a complete JOKE. You should be able to assign each punch and kick to a button by pressing it and NOT by scrolling through the commands. This is where HDR actually outshines the newer counterpart.

The constant button checks totally ruined the pace and the flow of the tournament, especially from a spectator’s point of view.

The reason the game was sometimes restarted was just to get the proper player to be P1.

We will see what happens next year, I wonder if they will cap the amount of entrants for SFIV? I bet they could get 2000.

yesssss it is absolutely necessary, they are testing not only for buttons mapping but for lag also, they were having some serious input and monitor lag at Evo, hence why they changed the monitor a couple of times and most of the times the PS3 were restarted was because the previous player forgot to de-sync the controller, or the PS3 simply would not take one of the sticks and the only way to fix it is to restart the system.

For those with the Dual Stick mod… yeah its necessary, you gotta make sure everything is where it needs to be.

I thought the thread title read “butt cheeks” for a moment there…

Another reason people check and play is because you don’t want to start a round with a button mapped wrong. You saw a lot of people on the stream map buttons, go back, test them out, and find something still wrong so they go back and remap a few buttons.

I really don’t see any way to make the process any faster. If people didn’t prefer their own joysticks then the easiest solution would be just have two sticks set up in the default button position and let everyone play on those.

But I wouldn’t advocate that, some people like american parts, some japanese, and you had one dude using a keyboard-stick…thing…

I think it’s necessary but they shouldn’t show it on the big screen. They should have some other slide or graphic up until the round is ready to be played. It would be way more professional. I think I said this last year lol.