Button combination supers...anyone like them?

The only reason why I like Akuma is because of his Raging Demon command. I get much satisfaction pulling it off quickly and cleanly then say a regular QCF super. Anyone else feel this way? Do you prefer to press buttons and directions instead of the same old QCF, QCB and so on?

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I prefer smooth motions over button combinations, just feels right to me.

That’s probably because we are so used to it now. If it was mostly button combinations people wouldnt be pulling supers so easily, therefore supers would have more of an impact and seem like it took more skill to pull off.

I like it more when the skill comes from how you use your attacks instead of if you can use your attacks, :P. Of course you can’t make it super-easy to pull off moves in a fighting game (easy mode in MVC for DC), but I think user-friendliness is the way to go for at least the basic commands in a game. Button combo supers can have a solid place in fighters too, but best to keep them away from essential stuff.

Using Morrigan’s darkness illusion is essential to playing her in CvS2. I spent an awful lot of time learning to get that off smoothly.

…You’re a goddamned idiot. “Supers should be hard to do because they’re good.” What kind of fucking reasoning is that?

Two words for ya: Eternal Slumber. In MVC1 I was avid Morrigan user, and I had the Eternal Slumber down so good I could throw it out faster than a fireball. Imagine the look on people’s faces when their character tagged-in directly on top of that floating heart. :clap: I don’t play her much in CVS2, but I know what you mean about Darkness Illusion being essential to her game.

comboing a button-combination combo is like doing a password , and executed fast …hence Buffering , i’m not used to such tight timing .

anyway … double-QCFs <<<<< qcf-2/3-buttons

lol you kids… Anyway, supers are supposed to be these very powerfull attacks. Pulling them out constantly doesnt make it seem like its a desperation move ala KOF95. All I’m saying is that I like supers where you have to try a littl harder to pull them out, it makes it more satisfying when you do that. Thats just how I feel, shit to some doing a DP is hard so I cant blame you guys for not agreeing with me.

There’s already some kind of restiction to the use of supers. In KOF’s desperation mode you’re nearly dead and have to slowly charge up single stocks outside of flashing life, trying to abuse your infinite supers can also get you killed thanks to recovery time. In most other games you need to build and save stock in order to use supers.

Because of the restrictions already set in place, being able to quickly and easily use supers isn’t that big a deal. Like I said earlier, it’s about how you use the super, not if you can. They’re strong attacks, but they’re limited, and can be stopped, blocked, or avoided outside of getting caught in a combo. Putting extra effort into using a super may be rewarding, but it’s fairly pointless.

QCFX2>>>>>>>>>Button Combination.

qcf+ppp >>>>> qcfx2

is too easy

I disagree. qcfx2 >>> qcf+PPP

When you have the option of 3 different buttons, then you have the ability to have the same super varied ala Urian’s SAIII.

Oh its true, its damn true

Is that all you have to utter?

oh ok…

but the problem with varied button supers (makoto saII) is it makes certain links (karakusa->Fp->saII)
harder because you can’t drum your fingers across all three buttons

:lol: try learning all the HSDM is kof2002, then complain about ragin demon :lol: