Button Config Not Saving Right?


I have the 360 version. I have a TE and a EX2 joystick. The TE is fine with the default button layout, but I need to change the layout on the EX2. I go into options and I change the buttons for controller 2. I save it, now all my buttons for the TE are switched too. It seems like I can’t set settings for just one individual controller. Once I set one layout it makes the change on all the controllers. Am I missing something simple here? Anyone come across this?


u gotta pick different profiles for each controller, if both players share profile a, then it’ll change controls for both sticks


We are using two different profiles. Xbox makes you sign in as another profile when a local P2 joins right? Maybe I’m still missing something. I got into options change the button for controller 1 and it changes it for all of them. If you go into options using controller 2 and change the buttons same things, changes everything for all the controllers.


no, controller profiles. Theres A, B,C,D, if both controllers are on Profile A, then they share controls, etc etc


@nomrah…When you first go into the button configure screen the very first option you can change is “profile”. Just look at it again, and you’ll see it. Like Phoenix said, there’s A,B,C, and D. Just make sure that Player1 uses a different “controller profile” than Player2. Ex: Player1 will use profile A, while Player2 will use profile B. I ran into the same thing on Friday, and my friends were harping on KoFXII a lot. To me it’s still a great fighting game, just that it’s not superpolished in all areas like some other fighting games lately.

@Phoenix…I wished I had seen your post before my friends and i wasted like 5 minutes on Friday. It’s a bit counter intuitive but at the same time, it allows for 4 completely different “controller profiles” to be saved.