Button config problem

I recently got a hori 2 ps2 stick and used a converter to use it on my dreamcast. A problem that I ran into was that becuase the dreamcast had fewer buttons than the ps2 I could not configure the buttons in the right places becuase technically those buttons did not exist on the dreamcast. I have seen ppl use ps2 sticks with converters in the past and was just wondering if anyone knew if there was a trick to it or if you simply need to buy a custom made stick with buttons mapped in different places.

What game(s) are you having trouble mapping the buttons with? What kind of converter do you own? If your playing Capcom based games you shouldn’t need to remap buttons. I have the Total Control Plus which maps R1 as fierce punch, and R2 as roundhouse.

We need to know what converter you use.

If you use an innovation adapter, R1 and L1 are the same button, and R2 and L2 are the same button (it’s C or Z on the DC i can’t remember).

I think another adapter maps L1 and L2 as the same button, and R1 and R2 as the same button.

In either case, if your Hori 2 is an HRAP, you can just switch the wires from the PCB to the buttons. If not, you could always mod it.

I seem to be having almost the same problem… I own a ten button mas stick… It came wif a ps2 to xbox adaptor… So i decided to buy an adaptor for my dc… I got the Total control… and it maps my buttons all weird…

This is how its mapped for mvc2…
top row: First button is assist1…second button is LP…third button is HP fourth button is assist2…
now bottom row… first button doesnt work…second button is LK third button is HK fourth button doesnt work…

Mapping issues

Hehe sorry about the late reponse. I use a total control 2 ps2 to dreamcast converter. The problem is that the mapping menu on the Dreamcast version of third strike does not even show L2 and R2 as existing buttons and therefore i cannot map them. Is there a work around to this or would swapping the pcb lines be the only option?