Button Config

How do you change the button config during game play?
and whats the difference between GMotW Prototype and Set1?
Every one seems to have Set1, I have Proto

During gameplay, you press the tab button and go into input (for this game) to set the buttons.

And there is no real differnece but its said that the Set 1 is the best version. In all honesty i think there is no difference.

— Aside from that, are u up for a game?

You must not play MOTW much. There are tons of combos that don’t work in Prototype that work in Set 1.

no i play everynow and then. Its just i was guessin. I dont even have Prototype I have Set 1. No need to get all upset now.

Negata is right plus when you C+D on Jae Hoon it resets the game for some reason, hence the prototype label.

Yeah, prototype has some serious issues.

Li, we need to have a game of Last Blade 2 sometime.
There aren’t that many high level players on kaillera, so I’d love to get a match going.
Wouldn’t mind a game of SSF2T either.

For video settings, try (Under default settings):
1024x768 Windowed
2x Zoom
Horizontal Scanlines 75%
Stretch x3
Check Enable Joystick in the controllers menu

Never ever play full screen.
It not only increases the chances for desync and ghosting (When the controller starts hitting buttons/directions by itself), but the screen often corrupts when you exit a game.

These settings should make the window fill most of the screen anyway.

Yeah, we do, I need to get Set1 thennnn…

My AIM is LiSyaoran3063…