Button Dealers?


Im not ready to buy just yet, if you sell them please post here. I see a lot of Chinese stuff for sale that looks like Seimitsu and Sanwa, I want Japanese or Korean. Please post here or pm me if u sell them. Im in the design process of a case, atm I am looking for 11-24mm+1-30mm. I am interested in LED-ready if you make/have those.

I see a lot of personal threads showing buttons for sale but I would like to have all the dealers in one location, it would help me and probably other people. So if you are selling buttons post here, even if they aren’t what I’m looking for I’d like to see ppl here make a sale.


A lot of the personal threads you see here are not resellers or dealers, but just individual sales. If you google search arcade parts stores there are several online dealers such as paradise arcade or focusattack, as well as jasens customs.

Leds are not a problem due to the massive variety created by the fgc here, so just get clear buttons.


Alright, will check.


Yea, this whole Trading Outlet is for personal sales. Actual businesses sometimes post in here, but rarely. Best bet is to look online.

PS- check FocusAttack.com Its a business by a member of the FGC, for the FGC.

Closing this thread.