Button differences


So i found out my newe stick does require a button change, but im not sure which one to get.

What is better, Sanwa or seimatsu?

If Sanwa is better, wht the differences between This and This?

to me they look teh same


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Joystick Controller - Joystick and Button Attributes and Brand Parts

to answer the question between the RG and the normal obsf, the RG has humongous microswitches that are meant for heavy duty use


Comparing Sanwa or Seimitsu is a lot like comparing Coca-cola and Pepsi.
Some people like the feel of one over the other.


From personal experience, Seimitsu takes a bit more force to push down, whereas sanwa buttons can be pressed very lightly and still register. It all boils down to persona choice though. I was a dedicated sanwa fan until I got my PS-14-G, and I found I liked the feel. The best thing to do is try both, if you can, and see what works for you.


Agreed. Try everything until you realize that PS-14-G is the winner. :smile:

The biggest difference that people mention is that you can rest your fingers on Seimitsu buttons since they take more force to activate. Sanwa buttons are very easily activated.


Nuh-uh! PS-15 all the way!

Or maybe PS-14-K, now that they’re back in production :wgrin: In any case, Seimitsu’s the best :wgrin:


just try them out for yourself and see which one is right for you, i prefer sanwas myself as they’re very sensitive buttons, while seimitsus need more pressure to register.


What type of stick do you have (the one you are changing the buttons out on)? It is very possible you already have Sanwa or Seimatsu parts in there and you can test for yourself if you like them.


for me I like sanwas, but they feel loose, I love my new seimitsus, they feel like your actually hitting a button lol