Button going out.

There’s probably a thread on this, but I keep getting a blank white screen from the search…

One of my buttons is seemingly going out on my Tekken 5 arcade stick; it only works part of the time and it’s not a sticking issue. I was wondering if there is a way to fix something like this, even if it requires a solder gun. Even then, I have no clue on what to do.

I’m just going to assume that my stick bit the dust.

Probably just a broken connection. Resolder the connection and it should be fine.

Everything seems to be in order from what I see when I opened it up. The T5 stick has the board attached to the buttons and the only soldering I see is right underneath the board where the buttons join.

The button I’m having a problem with, triangle, has a small piece of solder missing but it’s so minute that I can’t honestly see how it’s causing the button to go out. The other buttons don’t have any faults in it’s soldering.

I bought a gun for $10 on eBay just so I can try and fix this and perhaps get into modding my own sticks sometime. We’ll see if that’s really the problem.

It could be just the switch of the button itself being the end of it’s life as well. Which means you either need to buy a new switch and replace it or buy new buttons overall.

mod that bitch.

I don’t know what it is with Hori’s buttons, but they seem to die habitually.

You couldn’t say it any better. And while you’re at it replace that crap joystick with a Sanwa JLF.

or Seimitsu LS-32.

The seimitsu mod is a bit of a pain to do especially if it’s your first mod

The LS-56 or 55 would probably be much easier to install than the LS-32 as they share the same mounting height as the JLF.

check to see if its the board itself (of course maybe it really is the button). use a multimeter and check for continuity. put one end on the ground and the other on the connection to the button. hold the button down and see if the connection shows continuity, if not, put the end on another location that has ground, if it shows continuity, you just gotta solder a jumper from one ground that’s working to the ground the button is in.

lol this happened to my wii hori

i had the same problem with my square i think its just the microswitch crapping out, if you dont want to buy stuff you can desolder triangle and replace it with a button you do not care about like the bottom right button.
moding it is an option to keep in mind though

Thanks for the help, guys, it’s much appreciated.