Button got inside my arcade stick


So I was playing AE online and went against a Blanka player. This Blanka player just jump back roundhouse and do electricity when he got close to me throughout the whole match He will do the ball so I stayed back and wait for him and every time he does that, my execution mess up and punished wrong. He got away with it and won the match. I got so angry at my executions that I hit my SSF4 stick with the side of my fist and one of the buttons got inside the controller and the ring around the button broke off. I immediately felt stupid after this and need to find a solution to fix my stick.


Buy a new button.

Then replace it.


Post pictures help me help you


I already got some spare buttons. Now I just need some instructions on replacing it.


wow that’s a new one have you taken off the top panel yet


Take off the top panel using a #3 hex wrench (or whatever else fits)
Snap in new button
Disconnect the two wires from the old button and connect it to new button
Discard old button


No. I need instructions on how to replace it now that I have a spare button.

Edit: Oh, Chicken gave me the procedure. I will try and hopefully it will work.


That’s some high-level sodium. Anyway, take the top panel off (If you don’t have a hex wrench, a small flathead screwdriver works as well) then remove and unplug the old button. Snap the new button in down through the top panel, then plug it in (It doesn’t matter which wire goes to which side of the button) Test before putting panel back on.


Do I take off the top panel with the screws in the front?


If your top panel has screws in it…then yes, remove those to get access to the innards. Then just disconnect the wires going to your button, and swap it out.


I don’t want to be dumb or anything, but should I really do it because the panel is glued onto the stick.


What? Assuming your top panel is held in by screws, once you remove those screws, it should come out fairly easily. The stick will come out with the top panel, all the sticks and buttons are attached to it.

It’s hard to tell without seeing a more details look at the top panel, but that should be all you need to do.


Nothing is ever glued in a stick, although i did glue my nuts since they fell off xD, the top panel is heavy but not glued.


I got it fixed. Thank you guys so much! I will try to be careful next time.


Who loves you? Tech Talk loves you. That’s right.


sounds painful


Am I the only one curious to try punching their buttons just to try and replicate this incident to see how much force it would take to break a sanwa, seimitsu or a crown into the panel?


What I’m curious about is how he managed to do this with a fist. I imagine it wouldn’t take much if you concentrated your force RIGHT in the middle of the button, so that it shears through its casing, but not with a fist pounding on top of the button. Either way, OP needs anger management issues, lol.


or a good stock of buttons :wink:

Has a sanwa button ever completely died on someone?