Button hole fail: Yes or no?

Alright, so I just cut the holes for my buttons and I am freaking out here because I don’t have my buttons here yet so I can’t check my work. There’s at best 4.5mm (.18") between a pair of button holes and at worst 3.5mm (.14"). Please someone tell me I’m wrong and it will work out in the end…or ease the pain and throw me a curved 6 button layout for use with the OBSNs that you’ve personally used and had no problems with. I used a template (yes, it’s to scale…checked with my caliper) I found on joystick vault:

I’ve cut another top panel out just in case and plan to use a slagcoin template this time around, but I’d like to skip that if possible and just use the one I’ve already cut. I’ve gotta leave town to go back home on Friday so I have to get this stuff with the drill press wrapped up tomorrow.

Here’s a top-down picture of my box/panel so far…any of you experienced stick builders see anything problematic here? Do those holes look a bit close or am I just freaking myself out? I know that’s kinda hard to judge but I figured it can’t hurt to give it a shot. This is my first stick so I need all the help I can get.

<3 olive.

dude, it looks fine.
Apparently the layout you’re going for is an astro city layout and the design is close together.
There’s nothing wrong with it.

looks good to me. astro layout is my fav. that stick should turn out awesome.

Will it work fine with screw on Sanwa’s? Those nuts are 37mm diameter, no? I feel like there’s a problem here and my math skills are just too awful to fully comprehend it.

That looks like the same measurements off the slagcoin template I just used for my temporary stick. I haven’t got my new sanwa parts yet, but I can tell you the Happ nuts were pretty close together in at least one place. I think there was about a millimeter of clearance there.

I think I read somewhere here that you might have to grind down one of the nuts if you’re using a standard template with OBSN-30s. I also heard something about some Seimitsu nuts being compatible with the Sanwa buttons and being a little smaller than the stock nuts.

Nuts nuts nuts. I wouldn’t freak out. There’s always some way to make it work.

Don’t panic. I thought the same thing when i made a test Viewlix panel today. They’ll fit fine.

yeah, you don’t have to worry about it much. Screw ins will work just fine.
Is this your first case?

Alright. I can sleep a little better tonight I guess. I’m just gonna see what happens and hope for the best when those buttons hit my mailbox.

This first stick is so nerve-racking but I know it’s going to be worth it in the end (assuming I don’t fail miserably at some point in this whole process…there’s still time).

All this over a bunch of nuts…jeez.

Thanks for calming the nerves, fellas!
<3 olive.

EDIT: Yeah, networkingyuppy, this is my first attempt at a stick. I just got into this whole SF4 craze because I loved SF2 so so much back when I was a kid that I had to make a stick…I just had to!

Well you did really good for your first attempt! Congrats to you! I didn’t do too well on my first stick, but guess what? As mistakes are made, you learn from experience and it will help you in the long run.

Well thanks! It’s not done yet…I’ve still gotta cut the lexan, stain the box, make some art, and wire it all up when my parts get here. I’ll definitely be posting it in the “I love my custom stick” thread when I’m done. I’ll (hopefully, if all goes well) be too proud to not show it off!

<3 olive.